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It makes sense that golf club manufacturers will create their "stock" club to fit as many golfers as possible for the exact reason that many people don't bother with a fitting (why would they put a grip/shaft which suits only 0.5% of players into their clubs?). If you're of an average height, average build, average swing mechanics etc then you'll be able to make a stock set of clubs work far better than someone who is massively not average. For those people who are tall...
I'm actually just testing the Sharpro Dual Compounds (one cord and one non-cord) at the moment to see if they're suitable for me so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread too. So far the cord one is tougher on the hands but it's not 'sore' at the moment. The non-cord is nice and soft but I'm not sure how it'll fare in wet winter golf or sweaty summer golf. The next plan is to take a water bottle to the range and soak the grips to test them. I read somewhere that a lot of...
Far too many for me! :( If someone said "you can only ever listen to one band again; name it!" right here and right now I'd have to go for Iron Maiden. Van Halen was also a great call @Slice of Life
Excellent, thanks @iacas - I'll give those thoughts a go at the next practice session. :)
Every single thing you guys have said makes perfect sense, thanks guys! :) The very late A2 was my deliberate attempt at a more Hogan-esque takeaway and to a small extent it felt as though it helped with a float-loading feeling at the top. I can completely see how such a late A2 would lead to the right elbow folding backward instead of inward. Clearly the easiest option as you've said is a quicker folding of the right elbow and keeping it in front more so I'll definitely...
And full speed versions for completion's sake. ;)    
Chris, doesn't the white spirit just sit at the bottom of the shaft when it's poured in? I get the aerosol filling the shaft and then pushing down the inside of the grip; that makes complete sense but my brain can't work out how the fluid pours down the inside if it's at the bottom (head end) of the shaft? I'm asking because I've spent hours mucking around with a Golfsmith grip remover and mineral spirits getting grips off to replace. :/
hah; cheers guys. :)
Wow; can't believe 9 months have flown past. Time for some video updates. Still struggling to get my shoulders and hips open more at impact and I think my tippy-toe thing is a compensation for lack of balance. Work in progress and plenty to fix over the winter. Swing feels better than it ever has though! Pressure plate analysis a few days ago showed a 50/50 setup, 70% rear foot pressure toward the top of the backswing and then a massive 94% front foot at impact which I'm...
Yeah I took a closer look after you mentioned how weak it was a few months back and have worked to strengthen it. SO much more consistent now! 
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