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Today I found a waterproof jacket I love: Having decided I like it I asked the price and the sales person told me it would make a great gift for my wife (so clearly it's a ladies jacket) So now I face a decision; buy it anyway because I like it and hope nobody knows it's a ladies jacket or buy a bland plain black "men's" version. Would you or do you wear any female golf clothes which could pass for men's?
Watched a couple if these videos. Seems like a golf swing for those who just want to hit the ball around but not bother with mechanics or technique enough to add power to the swing. It's kinda like Iacas's hips forward drill but used as a full swing ;)
Now that I understand the context in which those offended by "oriental" as a description of a person are viewing it I get it. Before this thread and reading about the history of the word I sincerely was not aware that it could be seen as offensive. Thank you thread for helping me not to offend people accidentally. 
I unlace them and put the shoes and laces in a pillow case. Then I put them on a cool wash in the washing machine and let them air dry afterward. For any stubborn marks I dip a damp toothbrush into washing powder and scrub the area before rinsing the soap off with water. Probably not the ideal way to do it but it works for me ;)
If I try to have a strong "3 knuckle" grip and I try to have the club vertical at address I find my left arm feels extremely strained along the upper forearm muscle and tricep (a couple of swings and they actually start to hurt). If I allow some forward shaft lean at address or I let my left shoulder sit much higher the strain is lessened and doesn't hurt at all but I find my swing gets a little too steep if I start off with shaft lean. I have short arms and broad...
Often paintfills are done with nail varnish and acetone: - Fill the area with nail varnish. - Apply acetone to a piece of kitchen roll. - Briskly rub the kitchen roll over the top of the nail varnish to remove any excess. e.g.
The first thing you need to figure out is a suitable shaft for your personal swing characteristics. Then you need to decide on a suitable head which helps you as much as possible but at the same time doesn't limit you (e.g. if you intentionally draw/fade the ball you need to be able to still do this). It also needs to look good to your eye down at address and it needs to feel like you can hit the ball well with it. It's a cliché to be sure but go and get a fitting if you...
For me it depends on whether I'm "playing" or "playing a practice round". "Playing" I count every shot, I don't take gimmes and I walk away pondering how many shots I dropped through bad shots versus bad luck. "Playing a practice round" I'm normally working on a specific part of my swing so I don't score it at all. I then think back afterward about whether I achieved what I set out to practice.
The majority of "technology" in drivers nowadays I believe is focused around off-centre hits so you'll get less curvature and less distance lost if impact's not ideal. How it looks when addressing the ball though is of major importance as you'll be far happier and more confident looking down at a club head which suits your eye.
... the clubhead break off and travel further than the ball. 
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