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In desperate need of some feelings or thoughts to get my left shoulder lower during the follow through at the moment. :(
Ah wasn't sure; good to know. :)
"I just wanted to work on swing positions and stuff like that a bit more,” Westwood said. “I didn’t feel Sean coached like that, so it didn’t really fit what I wanted to do." So presumably he's hung up on what he used to play like rather than the numbers and data Foley works on with his students. He wants "monkey see, monkey do" instead of "monkey learn".
My installation process (I don't have a compressor, workbench, clamp, pouring tray or anything else fitters use) which I've never had issue with yet: - Cut tape to the correct length for the grip. - Stick the center of the tape (along the length of the shaft) onto the shaft leaving 1/2in extra loose at the end. - Rub the tape with a curved finger from the center outward toward the short edges until half is stuck correctly and repeat for the other half until it's wrapped...
Just to throw a spanner in the works try out Mizuno wedges too. I absolutely love my MP R12's
The only golf pro I know in Glasgow is Scott Robertson (Google "Scott Robertson Golf" as I'm not sure I'm allowed to link you his website) who I met when he coached at Silvermere Golf Club near me. Could be him or if not him maybe he'd have an idea on who it may be. Welcome to TST :)
My profile picture I'm wearing black and white casual golf shoes with black trousers with a red, black and grey zig-zag jumper (zig zags on the front) and a green and pink tartan flat cap. You'd hate seeing me on the course! lolI'd wear white, black or one of the crazy Asher golf gloves happily. Navy coloured gloves are the only colour I'd refuse. 
It's fine if you can figure out the perfect alignment for the cradle so that it's perfectly square each time you use it and as long as you're using solely to become consistent with your setup, alignment and stroke process; it's completely pointless for judging distances and for understanding your actual stroke with your putter. Mine's gathering dust in favour of a putting alignment mirror.
Not specifically aimed at you c peterich but I hate the phrase, "new ball flight laws" - They're just an update to the old way of thinking but with evidence to the contrary or that which has been believed for many years. :)They're *the* ball flight laws irrespective of what people feel like they're doing in the swing.There's really no need to travel for 2 hours to hit balls into a net when there's already so much out there to watch and try for yourself. Or alternatively...
Junkies... ;)
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