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I really like Nuun.
Two range sessions so far, a round booked for 5th April and he's decided to get several iron-replacement hybrids. Good start! :)
Well I've been working hard on getting the left heel down more but the pivot I think(?) is still stalling, hence the chicken wing. This was taken this morning (local par 3 9 hole practice course in case anyone thinks I normally golf in trainers, t-shirt and trackies ;) ): Swing felt solid, nice powerful flight and shot shape was a push which is my "bad" shot at the moment. Good shot is a lovely soft draw. Over all the swing feels lovely at the moment except for the...
Current touring pros: - Jason Dufner - Jonathan Byrd - Louis Oosthuizen Non-touring pros: - Gregg McHatton  
Who gives a flying f*** whether someone's religious or not? People are entitled to opinions both for and against and there will always be people offended one way or other. The End. In terms of the actual discussion ("Popular golfers who you can't stand" for those who have forgotten) for me it has to be Bubba. Anyone who talks about themselves in the third person is frankly irritating to me.
I never go for the clean shaven look as it makes me resemble a 12 year old child. Always "unshaven" look. I use a Philips QT4075 with built in vacuum. It's an average shaver but had the benefit of not getting shouted at for leaving beard all over the bathroom. It's a pain to shave the upper lip to the nose line though. I do wet shave for Movember each year normally and last year brought a King of Shaves razor, shaving gel and sensitive moisturiser. The moisturiser was...
Front left = Several tees and a provisional ball. Front right = Divot tool with magnetic ball marker, wire/plastic brush thing, pencil, scorecard. Back right = AimPoint chart. That's it.
I play as a single the vast majority of the time. The only time I get frustrated as a single being held up by a 4 ball is when they're all "I drive the ball 100 yards and then spend 5 minutes looking for it after every shot" handicap players who tell me "we can't let you play through as we're being held up ourselves" and then they insist on waiting for the hole to clear completely before teeing off. Even while you're standing on the tee box doing practice swings while...
Currently if I'm playing a casual round and don't want the seriousness of charts etc I just do a mid-point and find the zero line and then estimate from there. I'd assume the Express read is something similar but with a better way of estimating. I completely understand AimPoint instructors trying to make as much cash as possible but I can't see how any money would be lost by letting existing mid-point students attend empty spaces in Express clinics for free (or sending...
Finding out about the mid-point read was like buying a new phone and then a couple of months later a better version came out and the choice was either to stick to the original clunky old phone or pay out again for the latest and greatest. If I'd not paid for the full read class first I'd have been happy with the cost of the mid point class by itself.
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