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That's my typical grip.
First round with my new golfer last Saturday. He shot 9 points Stableford and got rather stressed with how he was playing. I just reminded him that he's new to the game and it took me years to curb Mr Furious from coming out to play on the course. Will have a sit down with him too and see if he wants to just play relaxed golf every couple of weeks or whether he wants to work on his swing and improve it in between rounds too. If it's the latter I'll point him in the...
Video is rubbish compared to a launch monitor as swings which "look" like an out-to-in swing as an example can actually be fine. For example: Also I'd say that generally pros don't use a phone to video their swing I'd say. The iPhone 5S has slow motion capabilities which are better than nothing but even that footage isn't a patch on a decent camera (search the forum for "Casio" to get specific model info). Having said all of the above I personally use the GASP software...
Arrive an hour or so early. Leave everything in the car and sit and enjoy a coffee for 20 mins to relax after driving (driving stresses me out) Get my clubs and make sure I don't need to buy anything else in the pro shop. Hit a small bucket of ball at the range; 1/4 balls with the LW, 1/4 with the 9i, 1/4 with the 6i, 1/4 with 3W. Move to the putting green and practice putt distances to get used to green speed and starting the ball on the correct line. Get to the tee box...
1. The brackets work sometimes with my Ogio Assassin bag. Unfortunately when tightened they press into the soft siding of the bag under the topper so the decision for me was between tightening them loads and holding the bag securely but having less room to slide clubs in and out or having them looser to get clubs in and out easily but the bag twisting slightly in transit. I believe SM bags have a "wedge" cut out of the bottom of them to sit in the trolley's foot wedge...
Play the ball forward a little to catch it further around the arc?
Right; now that spring is officially here no more lessons or swing changes for me unless the wheels come off. Going to stick to what I have currently and just play golf.
I've also decided to help when I get the occasional block of spare time.
Most painful chili dip ever?
There's only one reason I'd ever bother with iron covers and that's if I'm taking them abroad and want to limit the amount of rattling around they might ensure on a flight (I do wrap towels around all the clubs before zipping them up but worth a small investment to stop them hitting each other)
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