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Aaannddd the developer has removed the game from the app store. 
Why is it your favourite iacas? What puts it above the actual Dark Sky app for you? Currently my go to weather app is AccuWeather but I'm always open to better options.
By far the best strategy on this game!
Shaft is definitely the main reason. I hit the Mizuno EZ driver today and hit the 10.5 with regular shaft way too high. Based on my Trackman numbers the fitter suggested I should try his own X-Stiff shaft with 9.5 degree head which I hit great but by far the best for me was the 9.5 degree head with stock stiff shaft with no adjustment (I hit it best set on 'standard'). From my own driver to this I picked up a whopping 30 yards. I'm now selling everything I can on eBay to...
I've just had a look at the 2014 lineup and they seem to have decided to employ a designer now; some very nice styled shoes compared the to older rubber clogs style shoes they released (e.g. True Tour I think?). If they were easy to find in the UK to try on I'd definitely think about them now.
All of the above are the reasons I've point blank refused to try them. I don't need to look good on a course but at the same time I'd rather not look like Ronald McDonald playing golf even if they're the most comfortable shoes ever created. ;)My favourite shoes ever were Nike Lunar Control and now the new version are even lighter and more comfy. Love them!
Had a phenomenal range session today and have found that by addressing the ball with a more Hogan stance (more front foot flare and squarer rear foot) I can get my hips and shoulders a little more open at impact. Also shortening the swing has helped with this (will try and get a new couple of videos soon). One thing I found out today which has stumped me a little: - I was fitted for my old irons a couple of years ago with a swing speed of 86mph with a 6i. The ideal shaft...
Pretty much spot on to my thoughts. :)I'd go as far as to say that the ratio changes as handicap changes too; a higher handicap player will generally have less than perfect contact on the majority of shots so adding speed as a priority wouldn't be ideal (more speed often leads to even more variance on club face contact position). For higher handicap players it kind of feels to me like the main priority is club face contact position to establish a reasonably consistent...
But in what priority of importance and to what degree? ;)
Hate the game. It's basically the old 1990's "helicopter game" (helicoptergame.net) themed like Mario and made ridiculously hard. It's 100% frustration and 0% fun.
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