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Had a phenomenal range session today and have found that by addressing the ball with a more Hogan stance (more front foot flare and squarer rear foot) I can get my hips and shoulders a little more open at impact. Also shortening the swing has helped with this (will try and get a new couple of videos soon). One thing I found out today which has stumped me a little: - I was fitted for my old irons a couple of years ago with a swing speed of 86mph with a 6i. The ideal shaft...
Pretty much spot on to my thoughts. :)I'd go as far as to say that the ratio changes as handicap changes too; a higher handicap player will generally have less than perfect contact on the majority of shots so adding speed as a priority wouldn't be ideal (more speed often leads to even more variance on club face contact position). For higher handicap players it kind of feels to me like the main priority is club face contact position to establish a reasonably consistent...
But in what priority of importance and to what degree? ;)
Hate the game. It's basically the old 1990's "helicopter game" (helicoptergame.net) themed like Mario and made ridiculously hard. It's 100% frustration and 0% fun.
Pretty much solved. lol This was the way I got the answer to stick in my brain:
SSshhhhh! ;)
You have a choice of 3 cups, one of which has a diamond underneath it and the other two have nothing. You choose any one of the cups. One of the other two cups is turned upside-down to reveal nothing. Do you stick to your original choice or swap to the other cup to give you the greatest probability of winning the diamond? Explain why. :)
Partial stock 54 for me. I'v never been comfortable with "clever" shots involving spin and in the UK most of the time you're better off keeping it low so a high lob is silly. Bump and run was a possibility for me but I frequently mess up the run-out so stock half SW it is.
Yep agreed. I got my JPX 800 driver/fw/hybrid quite a while back now and at that time there was nothing I hit better which is why I bought those. If I picked up a Nike Covert tomorrow and hit it beter I'd be happy to save and buy one to replace it, I just don't see the point if I hit the current stuff ok. :) The only things I refuse point blank to change are my irons, wedges and putter and that's because I adore them all.
He also deliberately plays cavity backed irons at the moment too. :)
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