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Currently if I'm playing a casual round and don't want the seriousness of charts etc I just do a mid-point and find the zero line and then estimate from there. I'd assume the Express read is something similar but with a better way of estimating. I completely understand AimPoint instructors trying to make as much cash as possible but I can't see how any money would be lost by letting existing mid-point students attend empty spaces in Express clinics for free (or sending...
Finding out about the mid-point read was like buying a new phone and then a couple of months later a better version came out and the choice was either to stick to the original clunky old phone or pay out again for the latest and greatest. If I'd not paid for the full read class first I'd have been happy with the cost of the mid point class by itself.
The Express read interests me for casual rounds with family and friends to make them "less serious".I contacted the UK guys about this as I've attended the original AimPoint (full circle read) and also the Mid-Point class when that method was released but I was told the same - I'd need to pay in full for a class again to attend the Express read class.To be honest I thought it was a bit cheeky to expect a student to pay out a second time when the Midpoint was introduced but...
Pleh; there's still something wrong with my pivot. Can't seem to hold onto that lag for long enough: And here are my MTRx stats: Getting the hips open more at impact now which is a start but still needs more work. Acceleration seems excellent and so does Peak Time when compared to "pro" scores (the blue towers in the image). Someone suggested trying to limit my hip turn more based on those numbers.
I David Williams hereby pledge to re-create a golfer in 2014. Specifically my brother-in-law who's not played for about 15 years but used to play off 12. The plan for me is: - Invite him down the range to hit balls a couple of times per week to get him enjoying 'practice' - Help him with any glaring swing faults. - Donate any clubs I don't use, e.g. I have a couple of old putters I don't use. - Play a round every couple of weeks with him. - Start a competition with him,...
I'm easily forgettable. ;)
The closest they had was plain black in "mens" or a purple and black one. I did ask in what world black and white is more feminine than black and purple. ;)
Today I found a waterproof jacket I love: Having decided I like it I asked the price and the sales person told me it would make a great gift for my wife (so clearly it's a ladies jacket) So now I face a decision; buy it anyway because I like it and hope nobody knows it's a ladies jacket or buy a bland plain black "men's" version. Would you or do you wear any female golf clothes which could pass for men's?
Watched a couple if these videos. Seems like a golf swing for those who just want to hit the ball around but not bother with mechanics or technique enough to add power to the swing. It's kinda like Iacas's hips forward drill but used as a full swing ;)
Now that I understand the context in which those offended by "oriental" as a description of a person are viewing it I get it. Before this thread and reading about the history of the word I sincerely was not aware that it could be seen as offensive. Thank you thread for helping me not to offend people accidentally. 
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