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But in what priority of importance and to what degree? ;)
Hate the game. It's basically the old 1990's "helicopter game" (helicoptergame.net) themed like Mario and made ridiculously hard. It's 100% frustration and 0% fun.
Pretty much solved. lol This was the way I got the answer to stick in my brain:
SSshhhhh! ;)
You have a choice of 3 cups, one of which has a diamond underneath it and the other two have nothing. You choose any one of the cups. One of the other two cups is turned upside-down to reveal nothing. Do you stick to your original choice or swap to the other cup to give you the greatest probability of winning the diamond? Explain why. :)
Partial stock 54 for me. I'v never been comfortable with "clever" shots involving spin and in the UK most of the time you're better off keeping it low so a high lob is silly. Bump and run was a possibility for me but I frequently mess up the run-out so stock half SW it is.
Yep agreed. I got my JPX 800 driver/fw/hybrid quite a while back now and at that time there was nothing I hit better which is why I bought those. If I picked up a Nike Covert tomorrow and hit it beter I'd be happy to save and buy one to replace it, I just don't see the point if I hit the current stuff ok. :) The only things I refuse point blank to change are my irons, wedges and putter and that's because I adore them all.
He also deliberately plays cavity backed irons at the moment too. :)
Yeah but likewise if he can't hit a draw at the moment he'll never attempt one. lolAt the end of the day whether he can/can't or whether it's a choice will never be known until he does hit/attempt one.I do find it hard to believe that he's unable to to though; more likely is as golfingdad said he's choosing not to whether through course management, injury he doesn't want to aggravate or something else.
Nice! Worth giving it a whack when the EZ comes out then to see if the price difference warrants the new one or not :)
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