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Yeah but likewise if he can't hit a draw at the moment he'll never attempt one. lolAt the end of the day whether he can/can't or whether it's a choice will never be known until he does hit/attempt one.I do find it hard to believe that he's unable to to though; more likely is as golfingdad said he's choosing not to whether through course management, injury he doesn't want to aggravate or something else.
Nice! Worth giving it a whack when the EZ comes out then to see if the price difference warrants the new one or not :)
Certainly looks like Rory's remembered to pack his A-game in the suitcase today. What a performance! Also like to say good luck to my golf coach and his two students for later today when they tee off. Gonna be hard to catch Rory if this form continues but I know they both thrive on challenges so let's bring it! :)
Meh. Not in the slightest bit jealous; honestly I'm not... 
Aw poor Seve; squeezed out to the #11 spot. Good list of players in there although I'm not sure that "from 1980" is classed as "modern" to me.
Square-to-square also sounds somewhat like Bradley Hughes swing philosophy which I really like (GolfAus on YouTube)
tomvk77 I did the same thing with the 59's. I decided I'd get some clubs that I'd be able to grow into and which would last me many years but I found the 59's to be a little (lot!) out of my league on mishits, hence the swap to the 825 Pro's which are much much more forgiving and better suited to my current skill level. ;)I'm guess I'm lucky in the fact that if someone said "you must play these clubs forever" I'd still be happy to do so; there's nothing in the bag I...
Agreed; it's still a great bag. Mine are constantly complaining for a Mizuno Aerolite X Louder bag and the longer it goes on and the lower the price gets the more likely it is to happen. ;)
I totally get that for the US but a lot of the time over here the courses are wet, soggy, muddy etc and I hate (hate!) getting my grips dirty; I'd much rather walk and put my clubs down within a few feet of my ball to pick and choose clubs quickly than try and wrangle my club OCD. lol
I've never played a "mandatory cart" course here in the UK and I much prefer carrying than riding/pushing as it means my clubs are with me for whatever shot I take. If I rode, stopped on the cart path, walked to my ball with a 7i and upon getting there realised the wind was more than expected and I needed a 6i or 5i I'd have to walk back over to the cart, swap clubs, walk back to the ball and play my shot which wastes time (this is even worse if the player has a high...
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