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... the clubhead break off and travel further than the ball. 
Trial and error for me: - Standard sized Mizuno M-21 grips felt ok but I was told they were too big for my short fingers. - Standard sized Iomic Sticky Opus 2 felt soft, grippy and amazing. They were a fraction smaller than the M-21's and so were ideal for my hand size BUT they wore out very very quickly with my swing flaws wearing the palm pad. Also expense combined with the grip problem meant I'd be regripping several times per season and I wasn't prepared to do that. -...
Thanks guys; I'll take a look at the left heel idea as it all makes sense. If the weight shifts to the left heel the hips will open more which exactly what I'm looking for at the moment. Incidentally I don't feel like I push or pull with my feet; I feel like I just "move" my center of gravity, even though that makes no sense. The best description I can think of is like walking; I don't 'feel' like I'm pushing off with the rear foot, nor pulling with the front foot, it's...
All of my local courses are marshland currently so I have all the time in the world to work on my swing. I'm more than happy to give the exercises a go and write a detailed, honest review of the booklet for the author and/or forum members.
Thanks @mvmac.Iacas posted this excellent video on the last page and I agree completely with it but can't seem to add the pivot element to the swing to get the hips and shoulders more open by impact. That's the feeling I'm struggling with at the moment. :/
Love Ernie's swing! *le sigh* Thanks @freedrop @mvmac I have the video from the screenshots above with me feeling like I'm deliberately swinging as far left as possible to flatten the shoulders if that helps (normal ball flight is a push draw so don't pay too much attention in the video)  
In desperate need of some feelings or thoughts to get my left shoulder lower during the follow through at the moment. :(
Ah wasn't sure; good to know. :)
"I just wanted to work on swing positions and stuff like that a bit more,” Westwood said. “I didn’t feel Sean coached like that, so it didn’t really fit what I wanted to do." So presumably he's hung up on what he used to play like rather than the numbers and data Foley works on with his students. He wants "monkey see, monkey do" instead of "monkey learn".
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