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Kind of related and funny too.
Ah thanks. :) Actually my bag lets the side down; it's a Sun Mountain 5 Three. lol
I seriously  want to hate this but the combination of gorgeous girl, phenomenal guitar and catchy pop won't let me get the song out of my head.
Really enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street a few days ago. Great storyline, phenomenal acting and not your "run of the mill" movie. Definitely recommended. A nice Eagle for TWoWS! 
DNA fitting. I love the fact that there are no "fitter opinions" involved; it's just cold hard facts about your swing and several suitable shafts to try out with the heads. I also love the fact that the fitters will suggest only clubs that actually suit your game and not just the ones with the best mark-up for the store because if they didn't the whole fitting process would be undermined. The way they make me feel about my swing. They inspire confidence straight away...
I use a Mizuno JPX 800 FW at the moment and it does exactly what I need it to; very easy to launch it off the deck. It's also a couple of years old now so it'll be cheaper than the latest and greatest. The one I'm waiting on at the moment is the Mizuno EZ Fairway to see how that performs compared to the JPX 800.
I took the full read class (back at the beginning before Midpoint was created) and then Midpoint after that was added and Midpoint is useful with or without a chart anyway.
Impact pose from some photos I was asked to do for a coaching website.
OK I managed to get a couple of swings filmed this afternoon from DTL and FO. As usual my practice swings feel fluid and smooth and then I try to murder the ball and lose all my angles resulting in compensations and "ok" rather than "great" contact on a lot of shots.
Good instructors give the correct information and correct *amount* of information to their students. My instructor as an example has students that simply want a "tell me what to do or feel, I don't care about anything else" answer when using TrackMan and others want the nitty gritty, "why is this wrong, what fixes are there for the problem and how do I apply those fixes?" If Tiger wants to know the reasons behind certain problems he might have Foley can tell him those...
New Posts  All Forums: