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If you are forced to defend your life like my cousin.  Do you realize he had to go to court and prove that he had no other choice, but to take a life.  The court found that his actions were justified.  His legal bills nearly bankrupt the whole family.  You can't afford the legal bills after protecting yourself or your family.  Sometimes your family might be better off if you are killed.
The rules of golf are a game within a game.  just like the IRS rules.  If I call the IRS about a deduction, they tell me up front that they won't guarantee their answer is right.   How would you like to have the traffic laws to be written like the rules of golf?   Wasn't it the USGA that got a rule wrong at the Solheim I think?   If the experts at the USGA can't get the rules correct how can normal people be expected to get them right?   If we need hundreds of...
Wasn't it Casey Martin who used the disability and right to work laws to compete on the PGA. What if the court says that Players with bad backs (Physical disabilities) and the yips (Mental disabilities) must be allowed to compete on the PGA tour? At work I have seen people who hired special disability lawyers, went to court and are now working in jobs that astonish me. And these cases are all hidden behind confidentiality agreements and health privacy laws so no one...
We don't set aside a time when new golfers like our children and wives are welcomed to play our course.    It is surprising how many golfers are rude to new golfers who don't yet play fast golf. How many of us can get our wives and adult daughters to golf if they are going to be publically criticized. We want more wives and daughters to take up golf, but the rude complainers still make them unwelcome.   I have called courses and asked when to take out adult...
At the driving range some guy I barely knew walked up to my bag and took my new ping driver out without a word and started to put a ball on a T to hit.  I asked him why he doesn't ask before touching my equipment?  He got mad and started yelling at me for being rude and selfish.  I wanted to ask where his car was parked and was his wife home but I kept quiet.  Ruined my day.  Can't understand why I was upset, but I was.
What is this all about?  Is this true?  Why does the government make more that phil does?   Phil Mickelson talks taxes, 'drastic changes' Larry Bohannan, USA TODAY Sports9:32p.m. EST January 20, 2013    
How many of you are dropping cable TV because of cost or because internet does good enough? The following article was on msn newspaper. http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/arti...ernet?page=all
The "powers to be" want to keep viewership and attendance figures as high as possible.  This rule would make it easier for Tiger, Rory, and Phil to be winners or at least in contention on Sunday.  If Tiger, Rory, or Phil can't win attendance and viewership numbers will be down, Do you think this would be considered if Tiger used an anchored long putter?
I would like to see him take four or five of the girls from the last big break and help them make the tour.
If you get any kind of record it will follow you the rest of your life.  Will probably cost you good jobs.   I had a guy sign up to student teach under me.  He had served 4 years in the Marines and in Desert Storm.  Plus was graduating with honors in education.  Unfortunately he had a retail theft conviction before he went into the Marines.  My district would not let anyone with a record student teach or even consider hiring them.   I know another guy who got in a...
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