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As long as it is not Reed. He seems like an A--hole
No one is happy sitting 20 back. They all want to win but they are in a better place than you and I with our golf game.
Try the TPI website from Titleist. They can set you up on any area that you want to improve.
Did Ernest fill out a Cori form? I think she's a little young
I have a lefty X hot. Let me know if you want pic. 
Skip Champions Gate! Cypress is the place to go. Champions is beat up and the service sucks! Cypress is tough but beautiful and challenging. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Brad Faxon. He designed our golf course  after he won the Buick open a few years ago he brought his trophy to the club and left it for a few days. Absolute gentlemen. His wife is pretty nice also!
 As Johnny Miller say's you must play play play. I have the same problem. It takes great concentration to hit ball after ball and get good practice in.
Why? Mr Teamroper Not trying tobe an a--hole but you just read it! Did you go to the range? Did you score much lower. I have started the book  it' s fun looking at the ideas they have. I'll give it a couple of reads and hope I can get my swing to do what they are talking about.
I carry in the spring and fall but use a push cart in the summer months. It's easier to load up the bag with a couple bottles of cold drinks.
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