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It's easy Dave Stockton! Buy his book on line it will cost you about $6. Easy quick read simple and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to pick up his idea's
No, this is the first I have seen of this post. I am just saying that the post was stupid and out of line. I don't have the time to read all the replies. Yes I know single digit players are also slow. The pro's are slow! I don't want to get into a pissing contest just backing up my membership!
You can't really vote for any of these reasons  they are all  stupid. I work a high end private club. No one has their nose in the air,looking to avoid high handicappers. 1.They have mostly done well enough in their lives and can afford to join a club that does not have 40-50,000 rounds of golf played each year. I think my club has 16-18,000 rounds.  2. easier to get a good tee time. 3.the  course is in much better shape that at your local muni. 4. most members could care...
30 rounds  90 average score as close to the rules as I know 53 age
How many of you commenting in this  thread have a gay kid?
How sick if you would rather play 41/2 hr round with the golf buddies than spend 30 uninspired minutes having sex with the lady friend? Or is that just age?
Mr. @bobert you must follow up on your reply!  This being your first  post with that very negative answer! there must be more?
Talk to the pro at the club. They know use is friendly and open to a newbie! See if they have an afternoon group that you could jump in with. The club I work at has a Tuesday night drop in  they change the teams weekly so you get to know a lot of different players.
You're there! Just purchased the hard/softcover package!
Nothing attractive about a chick with pins in her mouth or someone with worts on her face.
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