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Great ideas, i think one of these will work!
Hey Guys, wanted to stop in from Naileditgolf.com and say hello. thesandtrap.com is by far our favorite golf stop on the net to chat and read reviews, so we want to hold a contest for all the sand trap members, any ideas?
Hey Alan, thanks for the recommendation! Like Alan said, we have some great deals on iron sets and if you wait you may just see an iron set sale in the next week!
Hey Guys, wanted to pop in and give you an update on the site. Looks like we had a couple Sand Trappers with some issues and wanted to let you know we are working hard at resolving them. The good and bad about a new company is it can either have a slow start or take off, the latter resulting in a "catch up" phase. We are lucky enough to be seeing a huge increase in sales that our staff nor our technology was ready for. Thus the reason for the missing tracking numbers and...
Hey we always love to hear from happy customers... by the way the deal has been updated and its one you dont want to miss!
Deal updated!
Thanks for all the help and opinions about how we can update our site (Naileditgolf.com). We integrated most of your idea's into the site and are very happy with the results. So thanks again! Oh and by the way, we have a killer deal today, 2 Taylormade Flush fitted hats, Retail price $60 for $19.99.
Deal updated!
  Hey sorry about that, we had a ton of our emails get bounced around in space as we are converting over to a new site and email host... anyway the address that works is contact@naileditgolf.com... if you shoot over a message there you will get a response in 12-24 hours thanks   
Thanks for the response, great insight.... the website is obviously new and we are narrowing in on our Identity, seeing what is working and not. I'm glad to report the website is seeing a substantial amount of sales/traffic in the deal of the day and closeouts but we want to make sure people are not getting distratct from the point, which is one great item for sale a day.
New Posts  All Forums: