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KBS Tour 90
I went through the same process a couple months ago. I ended up going with the cb2s, mostly because I like a slimmer blade looking club as opposed to a game improvement looking club, like the jpx
Personally I thought the ap1s greatly outperformed jpx 800s in many aspects
Frogger is the best brush out there. The only brush I have seen with a retractable cord
What are some of the best golf resorts that you all have visited in the southeast. I would have to say Hilton Head but I haven't been to many... I'm want to go somewhere and I was thinking maybe pinehurst, doral or myrtle beach. 
The maintenance people use it to get across the creek with their equipment. I witnessed this during a practice round this year
I have been interested in this course but haven't been able to find any reviews on it. It's ranked sixth in GA and hosted a PGA event for years. If any of you have played it please tell how it is. 
I loved the razr hawk when i hit it also, best feeling driver i have ever hit. I also preferred the impact sound over the r11 which made a weird sound
I thought the r11 was ok, but i haven't used the adjustments on my r7 so im not sure i would use them on the r11. I haven't tried the new burner but one driver i really like is the callaway razr hawk
I'm looking to replace my old r7 cgb max driver with something new 
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