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Shot a 89 today best I've ever shot. Played ok on the front 49 but played great golf (for me) on the back 40.  I felt really good after that so I went back and played the front again and shot a 42.  I feel real good about my golf game right now!
I thought the reason was pretty clear in my original post. I'm looking for a cheap set of blades to use when I play nine after work to see if I can hit them if so use them until I'm comfortable with them and then get a new set. Hope that clears it up for you.
Not sure what doesn't make sense to you post is pretty clear but whatever. $200 or less is what I define as cheap.
Anyone know where I can get a cheap set of blade irons 3-PW?  Does not need to be a certain brand or anything just looking for a cheap set to try out.  Going to use them as my after work 9 holes play around clubs until I get used to using them and move up to a good set.  Thanks for any inputs. 
177yd uphill par 3 took my 6 iron hit a slight draw toward the flag. Ended up hitting the flag and dropping to about 5 ft. Made the birdie putt.
Never give feedback until the sale is Final, and never close a claim until it is fully settled.
Wow I can't believe the way people are digging into this kid. The kid just took up the game a year ago and is out playing a "friendly" game with Family and people are digging into him because. They took mulligans? Who cares it wasn't a competitive game so y do you care they took mulligans?
Well first round of the season wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be shot a 107.  I'll take that considering I haven't been able to play since October.  It was raining and cold but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Front 9 was horrible but things picked up on the back.  Par on the final 3 holes left me looking forward to tomorrow.  
Well tomorrow will finally be the first time I get to get out and play and man I am so amped up.  With all that's going on right now I didn't think I would get to play at all this season (I am stationed in Japan).  I'll probably get out there and shoot and 120 lol.
As long as your score does not drop below 580 you can get a FHA loan with zero down payment.  Any score less than 580 will be a problem.
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