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Check out Nike VR wedges, i play the 52, 56, and 60. They are sweet.
I got a sleeve of the 20XI-S today from the golf shop and took them out for a round today. I really like this ball, the cover didnt tear up as bad as other balls (One Tour, ProV1, Penta).
Just bought some Nike VR blades. I played my first round with them today and shot a 79, which isnt bad since it is my first set of blades. But i do gotta say they are SWEEEEET!!!
Give the guy a break, there are plenty of us that can hit the ball 300 off the tee. I do it, guys I play with do it, I see it all the time. Go to your golf shop and look for a driver that looks appealing to you, and probably with a stiff to extra stiff shaft. Hit them and buy what works best for you. Some golf shops have the 30-90 day exchange period if your not liking what you got.
if you use any type of shoe (golf, training, etc.) with some type of bottom with some grip or cleats on it, they will do the job. My swing speed is fast so there is lots of action going on with my swing so without a better shoe i would be losing my balance, if you swing with power or lots of movement these will help you keep your footing.
no reason for this unless your gettin a hook up. but if so i would go with either titleist or nike
3 wood 5 iron 8 iron sand wedge putter
Im currently playing Cleveland CG4 Tour irons 3-pw. I hit them pretty good and i have a consistent swing, im only looking to maybe upgrade soon because of the condition of some of the short irons. Would upgrading to some new irons be any improvement?
has anyone hit the Nike Vr Pro combo irons? I like the way Nike set this up with the cavity back, split back and blade. Im looking to get some new irons soon so any feedback is good
Agree, nothing like hitting a solid 3,4, or 5 iron onto a long par 5.
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