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Fake site, unless for economic reasons they use buycheapgolf@hotmail.com mail address :D
Gmac -10
I would go with the Titleist setting but with rather AP2 than AP1. I think they would suit you better. The R11 set- up is also good looking but the burner 2.0 are super-game-improvement irons (aren't they? not sure) so if I were you, I would choose the TaylorMade Tour Preferred. I don't mean the 2011 but the 2009 model. Of course if you feel confident enough you could try the 2011 TP irons.
I used an Ogio for a couple of years and its legs broke up many times. Luckily I have a friend in local golf store so he got me a pair of legs a few times. (note to self: don't ever buy an Ogio) Now I have this Titleist X86 lightweight bag, which is superb. The legs feel good and it's a quality bag in every possible way. +1 for Titleist
Got the R9 SuperTri for christmas, and just returned from Canary Islands, 6 days 11 rounds. I adjusted the shaft 2 degrees open, and I could hit as hard as I wanted. That FCT technology really rocks because a little while ago you had to order the club from the manufacturer if you wanted really square face and it's soooo easy to change the shafts. I can't believe, that every single driver without FCT or something like that, are 1-2* degrees closed. That was a major...
Titleist X86 Bag 90e Taylormade SuperTri Driver 210e Taylormade R7 CGB MAX Spoon 100e Taylormade Burner Hybrid 90e Ben Hogan Apex FTX Irons 250e Cleveland CG14 Wedges 100e SC SS Newport 2 Putter 200e ___________________________________ 940euros   about 1300 USD
I just bought SC Studio Select Newport 2 and sold my White Hot XG #1. I know 300 dollars (203euros) is a lot money for a putter but you're more than happy to spend 400 dollars on a driver you use about 14 times a round. Scotty was my primary option because I love the look (and status, please don't kill me :), but I also tested Bettinardis SeeMores Clevelands and Nikes etc but I felt the most comfortably and confident with SC. IMHO putting is 70% about confidence, so SC...
I've been playing with BH Apex FTX Forged irons CB 3-7 and MB 8-P and I love them !!!! I bought them when I was about 15 HCP and they haven't been hard clubs at all! Just love them and can recommed these for almost anybody.
Check out SC California Del Mar. It's a sweet putter. I was just buying a new putter and I had two prefers, Del Mar and Studio Select Newport 2. I ended up with Newport just because I'm a big fan of those blade putters. Del Mar wasn't bad #2.
For a beginner, fitting isn't IMO the best option, because you will learn how to hit the ball after a couple of years. Go to your local golfshop and ask for help and ask the salesmans opinion, they are well trained. If I were starting golf I would be looking for an used set of irons, something forgiving, with steel shafts, they're cheaper and most of the players think that they are more accurate. You should try as many as possible iron sets. Search from internet where...
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