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Yes I did just that. I went to the range and I wasn't in a good place mentally. So I wasn't doing the things I needed to. Will be more Patrice in very soon.
Yeah he was telling me to keep the grip loose for the.lesson so he could see what I was doing. I was concentrating hard. Lol.
Didn't see a signature option on my profile page.
Crazy thing is. This was during the first lesson I ever received. I just listened and let him guide me. He gave me two quick things that just worked and the slice was gone.
All I have are Nike Clubs.   I'm not sure how to edit my signature to list my clubs.
Completely understand.   I plan on hitting the range very soon. I haven't hit all of my clubs at the range yet. I usually take my driver, an iron, putter and wedge. Mainly because I don't drive and I don't want to take my clubs on public transportation.
Thanks. I was wondering about that.
Also, I wasn't swinging hard in the video. It was more about getting the lesson down that he showed me. I find that if I swing to fast, I tend to lose control. But it's much improved over this one from last summer.  
It's IN Rosemont, and yes. It's at the DOnald E. Stephens Center. Right off of River road across the street from Gobson's.   The equipment is all over the place. They have EVERYTHING and I mean everything. All the clubs, balls, hats, shirts, bags, umbrellas etc. that you can handle.   They are giving lessons there and they are FREE! Tomorrow is the last day, so I would get over there if I were you. In the section that they give the lessons, there is a whole row...
I see these adverts about hitting the ball longer. Basically everything is about hitting the ball longer and has been for years and with every new "advance" in technology, I'm stuck wondering: Why aren't people hitting 400+ yard off the tee or holing par 5's?   But that isn't my question, just a tiny rant.   My question is: What is the general average distance from irons?   I know that a lot of thought goes into choosing which iron to hit when considering the...
New Posts  All Forums: