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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: unknown My typical ball flight is: not sure, high? The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slicing   This is what I'm doing now. The slice is gone for the most part and I'm feeling better about my swing. This was shot during my lesson. Videos:
Went to this event the last two days. The first day I went and got a lesson for the first time. I figured someone could help since I couldn't figure out why I was slicing after all of this time. Well the PGA Pro I got, showed me two quick things after he watched me swing without the ball and with the ball.   I'm left-handed and my ball would go left single time I hit it, save for the rare occasion that I hit it straight.   He had me adjust my grip about 10...
Welcome, fellow Chicagoan here.   Enjoy the site.
I would like one 2XL
It's not a record. It's second place.   Sam Sneed has the record.
Can't we all just agree that today was an awesome day for Golf? Tiger looked like his old self out there and even his bad shot s were great.   But, Rickie Fowler? What the hell happened there? An 84? That is totally shocking for him. Rory McIlroy didn't make the cut  and I'm really surprised at how he is falling off lately.
That shot at 16 was amazing!
Thanks and will do.
For real.   Yeah Shannon was the girl from Texas. She was very complimentary of her. How is she cocky, they are trying to win some huge prizes for a LOT of money. This is what competitiveness sounds like. She hasn't put anyone down and said how good some of the other ones are.   I'm just sensing a tone that I'm not liking. She hasn't been anywhere near as bad as she's being made out to be.
Hi-5 man.   She has done nothing to warrant this level of hate.
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