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She doesn't act like she knows it all. She acknowledged other strong competitors and when did she say she was the best at everything?
I know what you mean.   I've had some good hits where I didn't have my weight back and I can tell the difference by what you're saying.   I will take a few more swings and record it face on and try to see what I get.
I think it's more that you're helping with the nerves for other players like myself.   I'm not gaining confidence because you did bad, but because you had the strength to go out and do bad and tell us about it.  
Thanks for the reply. I didn't even feel the weight staying back when I hit it. I was actually surprised by what I saw when I watched it back. I've been working on rotating my hips and getting my back heel off the ground, but none of that happened here.   I took another video and it was the same thing. It's funny because when I practice, I don't do that.   Thanks for the feedback. I have to pay more attention to the weight staying back thing. Could that be the...
This really gives me confidence to get out there. I haven't played my first round yet, just been focusing on making good contact with the clubs and balls. I also like to observe people hitting.   So hopefully I can get out there soon.
Will this be available for more than just the iPhone?   There are lots of people that do not use them and it would be great if with could have something for us too.   What about windy conditions, I figure people wouldn't take it out in those conditions, but some might, how will the alignment sticks hold up? And will we get a moving or shaky picture because of the wind?
That's what I'm saying. She is gorgeous to me.
Why do you think she's disgusting? What has she done to you?   I like her and I hope she wins. She's a tough competitor.
Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate all the advice I received, it really helped me improve.
I'm left handed,s o when I strike the ball, most of the time the ball flight is way left. It's happening less with the irons, but it's still there.   I'm looking to reduce this and bring the ball flight more right to left, instead of left to left.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: