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I guess my swing is perfect. Awesome PGA, here I come!
Help me out if you have anything you notice.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ learning for 2 years (haven't hit the course yet) My current handicap index or average score is: Not sure My typical ball flight is: mix of high and low I guess The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slicing     Videos:   This was a good hit actually. I hit other one's that sliced to the left. If you have any swing critiques, let me know.
I know this is not the right or correct way to do things, but I was at the range and hitting balls and the same thing kept happening. Every swing (when I made contact, that is) the ball went left off the club head. I'm left handed so this is a very bad thing. I tried switching the club head angle, but that didn't work. So, instead of changing the grip, or head angle, I just moved 25 degrees to my left. The approach is more diagonal to the ball, but the ball goes straight...
I'm a very new beginner. My swing is comical at best and atrocious at worst. I found out through some self analysis that I tend to take a more upright posture when coming on the down swing, aside from pushing the ball to the left.   I'm going to go to Golf Smith and see about getting some instruction.
I visited an indoor facility today that I feel I will use to work on my swing, I took a swing today on a simulator and when I hit it, the ball went almost dead left (I'm lefty BTW)   I'm trying to hold the club so it will be square when it contacts the ball. I feel this is the problem I'm having because I think my club is angled when it strikes the ball. I know it's all in the swing and my swing sucks at the moment (very beginner).   Is there anyway I can correct...
My goal for 2011 s to actually get out and play for my first time ever.
So, my haul was   Nike SQ Mach Speed Str-8 Fit Driver Nike Ignite Hybrid-Iron set Nike OZ (?) Putter   And I got a Nike SQ Golf Bag.   Yeah, it's all Nike, I like Nike, so I got it. Went to the Chicago Golf Show and picked up Some Nike Golf shoes, and umbrella and picked up a hat from Sports Authority. Now, all I need for is the weather to break so I can get out there and make a fool of myself, lol.   This is my first set that I bought myself, so I'm...
I've never been to anything like it, so I'm excited to check it out. There's a lot of ball discounts and you get a sleeve of balls just for going. Well, I'll post in this thread once I go and see what it is.
Just found out about this event and I am looking forward to going. Anyone else going to this event? Has anyone been to it? If so, can you give me some info about how it is?   http://www.chicagogolfshow.com/home   Sounds like t's going to be fun.
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