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Are you taling about when he was running towards the ball as it was going in the cup?     #2 on this video?  
Wow, that's crazy. Well at least I have an idea of what to look out for when I get out there.
Never watched it.
Hey, guys, thanks for your input. I'm sorry to take it away from Golf, so I will get it back to that.   In the preview I saw, he asked Hank what are they going to the driving range for?   I was thinking to myself, WOW, really?
I'm independent and left leaning. There's things the right says I agree with (when their not being overtly snobby and classist), and things the left says that I agree with.   Having said that, I'm black, love golf and I am really getting into the game. I tune in to GC everyday. I however will not watch this show. It won't be a change because I didn't watch the other seasons. But seeing Rush's mug on my TV screen, even during commercials pisses me off. All the Rush...
35 just picked the game up and love it already.
I love the game and watch it on TV all the time, watching how guys swing. It's interesting how many swings there are.
As a lefty, I've found it hard to find clubs and the local GolfSmith has a tiny section of lefty clubs. If you're going to buy some, I'd suggest www.globalgolf.com they have a sorter on the site that breaks things down by hand, brand type, blah, blag.   Another site is www.leftiesonlygolf.com
Well, the clubs I found a Nike Ignite Hybrid Irons. It comes with a Hybrid 3 and a 4-PW Iron set, open box for $129   The Driver I found was an SQ Mach Speed STR8FIT 9.5 degree for $119 Used Mint Condition   The putter is a Nike OZ 2 Putter Open Box for $49   So I'm not spending a lot of money on them as you can see, and I'm getting a good set to grow with and not have to upgrade from later, or at least very quickly.   Sydney R. Marovitz is where I'm...
I hear you.   The thing is, I only have 5 clubs at the moment. A driver 1, 3, 5 woods, a 9 Iron and a putter.   I've hit the range on Diversey and LSD often last summer and spring. The thing with the new clubs is, I want to have my own clubs, that are mine and no one has used them. So, I just want to have some new clubs and buying a cheap starter set doesn't seem feasible at this time, so I'm going for some Nike clubs, I'm a Nike guy, what can I say?   Thanks...
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