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How many spots from Champions Q school are there?  I always thought 2-4 approx as opposed to 50 for the PGA (25 N-Wide, 25 Q school) The game we are seeing from this guy is not even close to the game one needs to make it onto the Champions Tour from Q School. It's a universe away.   But at the same time, it's t.v....it's fake...it's a t.v. show.
Sounds like your high school coach is another idiot in a long line of moronic high school coaches. Some of these guys just don't get it.
My point was who cares about a vanity cap? It's the sandbaggers you have to worry about.  A guy with a vanity cap can never hurt you.  You should beat them everytime.   If a guy says he's a 2 but is really a 9 and you're a 10. Take the 8 shots and smoke him.  If  I'm betting on a game with a guy, I'll take his BS vanity cap any day and take his money everyday.   If a guy is cheating by playing 2 balls or fluffing his lies to get a low cap, then hold him to the...
In the US we don't have an issue with "vanity caps"  we have the opposite problem.  Guys with high handicaps, say an 18 who play to about a 12 or a 12 who plays to about an 8.  Those are the guys to watch out for.  If a guy says he's a 4 and he's really an 11 then who cares?  Beat him and take his money round after round. In my life I will never worry about a vanity cap player. I will only worry about a sandbagger.  If you play in a lot of tournaments a vanity cap is...
When I was at the Ryder Cup at Vahalla I bought one of the coverage radios. It had 2 channels the US and European. The European channel was not only better it was 100% better.  Most people I talked to listened to the European ch.  The announcers were much better. Just like the t.v. coverage we see on the Golf Ch.  It's night and day.
It's the exact same coverage every year. Nothing new this year except Bill.  Normally Bill does not make the cut and if he or another celebrity is not at the top of the leaderboard you won't see them on Sunday coverage. Typically Sunday coverage is all Pros trying to win the tournament.
This is part of the theory behind face-on/sidesadddle putting.  Conventional putting is the only thing we as humans do, where we not only don't face our target we don't even look at the target. In putting we need accuracy not power.  Imagine doing these accuracy type things while standing sideways to your target and looking at your hand the whole time: throwing darts bowling a hockey shot bocce ball rolling any bal towards a target pitching a softball underhand. even...
That's a good thing right?   The bong part, not the part about you not being crazy about him  
Yes, I did not mean lazy as in practicing his golf.  I meant lazy in general when it comes to working. In the episode where his buddy who owns the club shop had his cleaning clubs he acted like a lazy spoiled brainless adult male.  Typically when you work and have a job you have some amount of responsibility.  This guy avoids responsibility by any means necessary even if that means sleeping in a pipe down by the river or crashing at homeless shelters.  We now know why he...
you're entitled to your original lie
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