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Okay, here's a little morsel of experience for all of you who *think* you need stiffer shafts. Consider this. I play with 710 blades and have low single digit handicap, so as we all know, the shafts become ''whippy'' as they become more used, it's a simple metallurgical fact from wear and tear. I play a lot and practice a lot, so it was time to re-shaft the irons.   I had DGS S300 lites and switched to the Rifle PX 6.0 flighted shafts. My fore arms are KILLING ME...
If duffner wins a tournament next year I will either slit my wrist or quit watching golf which he is ever leading again, as he is the most BORING person on the planet. He sinks birdies like theyre on sale and wont crack a smile on his snooty face...what a total dork. I understand he is quite fond of the drink also....maybe that explains his perverse demeanor, maybe he's hung over or even still drunk?   Now, my wife and her friends who watch golf make fun of him now...
Timing such a thing would be VERY inconsistent. Its better to learn the right grip and a few basic fundamentals than to try and time something that even Bruce Lee would have a terrible time of....   Master Lee could've kicked Chuck Norris' ass too....and we ALL know how bad assed Chuck is.     Chuck doesnt sleep....he waits
Slow Play has killed golf. I have 3-4 friends who were very decent golfers (single digit handicaps)  that literally quit because they couldnt devote an entire day to doing it because of slow play.    The marshals have ZERO authority 99% of the time and the courses are more than happy to OVER-book a course to make a little extra money. The perfect storm to quit the game altogether.   Play on
If you need to know more than the front-middle- back of the green distances your making your life unnecessarily difficult. Get a small GPS unit and be done with it instead of fiddling with a range finder, besides, all that whiskey you had last night wont let you to keep it steady long enough for the thing to laze a distance for you.   I sold my range finder for what I paid for it 5 years earlier, I use the golf buddy and it is amazing, simple, reliable and damn...
Precisely.......Yaaawn.... you'll never get to a 5 index and not know where your hands need to be for any given type of shot. Maybe you could fix your handicap error there on your profile to 15 or more so your question is more realistic.    -Thanks in advance-   Hows that for total golf snobbery? hahahaaa...
YABBADABBADOO!... Now that was hilarious !
YAAAAAWN.......... Aint never gonna happen, no matter what the TV sez.....Same old talk every year before the masters...Like i said; YAAAAAWN
Go Bubba !  
That thing is AWESOME !
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