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If you need to know more than the front-middle- back of the green distances your making your life unnecessarily difficult. Get a small GPS unit and be done with it instead of fiddling with a range finder, besides, all that whiskey you had last night wont let you to keep it steady long enough for the thing to laze a distance for you.   I sold my range finder for what I paid for it 5 years earlier, I use the golf buddy and it is amazing, simple, reliable and damn...
Precisely.......Yaaawn.... you'll never get to a 5 index and not know where your hands need to be for any given type of shot. Maybe you could fix your handicap error there on your profile to 15 or more so your question is more realistic.    -Thanks in advance-   Hows that for total golf snobbery? hahahaaa...
YABBADABBADOO!... Now that was hilarious !
YAAAAAWN.......... Aint never gonna happen, no matter what the TV sez.....Same old talk every year before the masters...Like i said; YAAAAAWN
Go Bubba !  
That thing is AWESOME !
Try this for a good explanation of why instructors wont really help;   1. Get the Las Vegas phone book out and  call any pro Magician in there. Ask him how he does his most famous trick, Offer him 60 bucks for an hour of his undivided attention so you can learn his trick.....Go ahead, we'll wait...... Did he hang up on you?....Yeah, thought so.   Ben Hogan said this: "Golf cannot be taught, it can only be learned"   Unless youre a wunderkind young gun...
Im sure he just had a salad....he dropped a ton of weight and looks great
Your distances are fine   My 8i was my usual go to club for 150 yds  (I hit the ball high) and in NON-wind conditions, I used to hammer my 8i but I  used to feel a lot more comfortable with swinging my 7i smoothly. Ego will not allow you to swing a longer club smoother,like the brain might suggest, no,  its the chics....it must be the chicks, cuz we think they dig the 190 yd 9 iron and we all must believe that it can be done by anyone because we keep trying to do...
Excellent. Doesnt it just feel GREAT?
New Posts  All Forums: