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I played Saturday with my usual gang of hackers and the group in front of us was a 4some of 2 father-sons..... Talking with the fathers in the grille after the round I discovered, this; both boys shot in the high 60's, they both played from the BLACK Tee's, and on this course it is intimidating and 7,100 yds. Both boys had 1 eagle each during the round.... both boys were 14 yrs old   What was the question you asked again?
If your playing 3 rounds per week now and barely into the 80's then the answer is most likely .......NO   But you might be able to get into the single digit handicap club with a LOT of practice and rounds.
I lost a little off the tee at 50yrs old, maybe 5 - 10 yards on the avg, but made up for it with iron accuracy and distance. I 3 putt maybe twice per round now, THAT PUTTING ALONE has made the biggest difference in my scores.   Big drives dont normally lower scores, although the chics dig them !
I just played behind two chaps that were long drive competitors......WOW, what a treat it was to see it up close. They were long, very long, STUPID long, "No Fucking Way theyre THAT long, long !!! Both shot 68's   both very nice gentlemen, both had soft hands around the greens and putting was excellent. Yoga everyday, in the gym everyday (and it sure showed) and played at least 3 rounds per week and practiced the other days. 400-440 yds is routine for these guys. One...
50 years old 5' 9" 190 lbs goal- 180-185 (range)   going to be difficult, since I developed a sweet tooth recently, I do drink 1 soda per day also, dont know why they are so good to me, I avoided them for 30 yrs. Hmph? I'll be damned if I know??   I figure I'll lose 10 off the bat then try to keep it in my comfort range. I know I'll have some weeks or days where I'll be at my high end of the range but Im hoping I can spend some serious time down around the...
He needs a new caddy. His current "bag carrier" is too much of a smart ass to be of any use to Kevin. Kudos to Kevin for gutting it out   Kevin hits the ball, the clown carrying the bag wipes off mud from the clubs, cleans balls and replaces divots, PERIOD.....it is not and never will be a show about caddies...besides, who cares about them?   Ive seen McKay ruin phils concentration a lot of times with his jibber jabber and verbal diarrhea ....Hey Bones, why not...
2 ft snaking putt on 18
tiger is done....... usually, one only discovers how difficult it is to remain on that razor thin edge of perfection AFTER you've lost it.....tiger was/is no exception.   He had a GREAT run and it only further exemplifies Jack's unreal record.   I do believe tiger will win again, but he will not dominate anymore....no where near like the old days.
Most of the announcers with the exception of jim nance are fine....... nance pours it on SO THICK that a viewer could easily get a cavity listening to his sweet drivel and over the top pandering....especially to the schmoes that sponsor tournaments. He acts like its the holiest of holy events going on and he is SO INCREDIBLY PROUD that YOU decided to watch it while HE gives the play by play......jeeez... I loved Lanny Watkins and miss him.   Gary Koch is a jerkwater...
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