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2 ft snaking putt on 18
tiger is done....... usually, one only discovers how difficult it is to remain on that razor thin edge of perfection AFTER you've lost it.....tiger was/is no exception.   He had a GREAT run and it only further exemplifies Jack's unreal record.   I do believe tiger will win again, but he will not dominate anymore....no where near like the old days.
Most of the announcers with the exception of jim nance are fine....... nance pours it on SO THICK that a viewer could easily get a cavity listening to his sweet drivel and over the top pandering....especially to the schmoes that sponsor tournaments. He acts like its the holiest of holy events going on and he is SO INCREDIBLY PROUD that YOU decided to watch it while HE gives the play by play......jeeez... I loved Lanny Watkins and miss him.   Gary Koch is a jerkwater...
I'll be damned if I know the attraction either??  always wondered.   I understand that Freddy is not the sharpest tool in the shed either
did I read this right?   1 youre considering BUYING a condo? 2. in LA ? (of all places) 3. A STUDIO unit ?     God bless you and good luck ;)
Total, complete and utter BS. Sounds and looks like a chiropractor sales video.
The Donald.....Yaaaaaaaawn
His best play is behind him now
50:1   The ONLY difference between Tiger and anyone else out there on tour is what is between their ears......Tiger doers not have his focus back yet. He's glimpsed it a few times since the car crash and B.S., but he isnt "back" by any means. He can run on raw talent for a while, I think thats what he's doing right now. He may NEVER get it back.   Anyone here that has played to their potential so far knows what this feels like. When you possess it, you are...
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