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I'll be damned if I know the attraction either??  always wondered.   I understand that Freddy is not the sharpest tool in the shed either
did I read this right?   1 youre considering BUYING a condo? 2. in LA ? (of all places) 3. A STUDIO unit ?     God bless you and good luck ;)
Total, complete and utter BS. Sounds and looks like a chiropractor sales video.
The Donald.....Yaaaaaaaawn
His best play is behind him now
50:1   The ONLY difference between Tiger and anyone else out there on tour is what is between their ears......Tiger doers not have his focus back yet. He's glimpsed it a few times since the car crash and B.S., but he isnt "back" by any means. He can run on raw talent for a while, I think thats what he's doing right now. He may NEVER get it back.   Anyone here that has played to their potential so far knows what this feels like. When you possess it, you are...
went from DG's to project X's a few yrs ago and LOVED em. Clubs were a little heavier, but felt  good in your hand. Ball flight was higher, I didnt need that, but learned to live with it. overall, Im glad I did it.
BS Mechanical Engineering - USC....never used it...took 9 yrs to pay off, havent seen it for yrs either.....in a box somewhere in the garage I guess
golf channel blows........quit watching it years ago......Saw it the other day while 'flipping' and see they STILL have all those same loser hosts on there... B O R I N G
at least 2, most likely 5.   The second round would be very, very close (either up or down) to my handicap
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