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I drink my coffee black, but was intrigued by this thread. Thought the butter would be nasty, tried it and it wasn't bad. That being said, I'll continue drinking my coffee straight up.
I think the stableford idea is great, but unfortunately I believe I'm in the minority.
TRUE proto
It doesn't bother me either way, I actually like music playing, but can see why some would not. On our annual buddies trip, I have music playing about 1/2 of the time we are on the course, and it's loud enough for those within a few paces of my phone to hear. 
Just finally had the chance to read it. Very enjoyable.  Solid plot, and a little bit of mental golf help as well.  Thanks Gary, well done!
Just got back from a golf trip and the first round we played using 8-inch cups. No one in our group of 12 had an ace or came really close, but the conversation did come up about "what if?..." Many have pointed out that you have to define what counts.  For the sake of the telling the story, yeah I'd have no problem saying I had a hole in one, but I'd always qualify it with "on on 8-inch cup."  Last year one guy in our group, playing his second round of 18 holes ever-his...
I think TIger may get to 15, but if he does it will be down the road a bit (3-5 years).  Rory will win The Masters within the next three years, though next year will be tough as the buildup to it will be insane.
I go 46 52 58 64. The high loft wedge may not be the best selection for my skill level, but I love it from green side bunkers, and especially when I need to carry over them.
I think you would get better results faster by actually speaking to someone rather than texts and emails. Like many have said, you did not receive what you originally requested, and there is more than a strong chance that the store you purchased from and/or Cleveland will rectify that for you.
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