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Check out 3up golf, I played the 2S14 for the last couple rounds of the fall and really liked it. They also have a 3piece that's supposedly pro v-like. The packaging is awesome too.
Thanks. Not in the market, but I do like the looks and the idea of loft numbers instead of club numbers makes sense. I definitely plan to try these out.
Is there a range of handicaps that these irons are designed for? Would you say they more "players" than GI?
If you just placed the order, I have to believe it's worth a phone call at least to see if you can change it. Explain your thoughts and I'd say there's a shot you could go back and redo the fitting. Mizuno irons are great, but with all the indecision you are talking about, I think you'd always be questioning the purchase.
I think it would be cool if the PGA tour could throttle the ball back, even if they only did so for a handful of tournaments each year. This could bring some of those classic courses that are currently deemed obsolete back into play. They used to play a different ball during the British, so I know that your players would be able to figure it out. For those of us not on tour, how often do you play a course and honestly feel that the technology you are playing with is...
Thanks. If it happens again, I'll do that. I cleared my browser history and it seems to work fine for now.
Is anyone else having issues with the mobile version of TST jumping to random sites (readers digest, good housekeeping, Forbes to name a few) when clicking on on threads? Just started within the last two days.
I'd say no, sounds like you fare pretty well with what you have.
A golf store where I shop sells annual memberships which gives you access to discounted pricing.
I'd say it's definitely worth a shot. I don't know much about college golf, but I'd imagine with a +1.7 index, you'd have a solid chance. Worse case scenario, you try out and don't make it.
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