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Congrats on the shot, but I'd have a hard time claiming that's a double eagle.
Global golf is legit. I know you said you want to avoid online, but I've ordered 3 clubs from them and every one of them came in much better condition than than they listed. I bought a demo driver that was said to be very good, it looked brand new.
Lots of vsteels on eBay, if that's what your looking for. Just saw one with stiff shaft and headcover for $30 shipped.
Does anyone have one of these in play, or perhaps you were mesmerized at a recent golf show by these putters like I was?  I know many are going to say if you are going to spend that kind of $$ on a putter to get fitted (likely Edel) for one, but I am not even in the market for a putter and when I tried this out over the weekend, I nearly pulled the trigger (golf show pricing knocked it down to $195). My friend and I were talking to a guy selling synthetic greens, and he...
Congratulations! I'm hoping to get back to that point this summer. I have broke 80 exactly once with a 79, when I was 16, almost 20 years ago. Since then, most round range from mid 80s to 90s. A few years years ago I shot 80 on the number four times, and it drove me crazy! I know there's much difference between 80 and 79, but 79 sure sounds much better to me...
I would say football. I had the same choice and went with golf. While I enjoyed playing in the golf team, the team element in football or other team sports is very different than an individual sport like golf-and since you likely won't have as many chances to experience that after high school, you may want the opportunity while it exists.
They are all great, my top 3 would be:   Pony Excess The U Who Killed the USFL
55 front, 40 on back. Not the same round or course, but I once took a 14 on a par 5 and the next time I played it a month later, I birdied it. Definitely my biggest swing on one hole.
I love Happy Gilmore, but no way would I put it higher than Caddyshack. Good call on the  The Greatest Game Ever Played  top spot though, I find myself watching part of that movie every time I come across it on Golf Channel-I'd say that movie and Caddyshack are tied for best in my book. 
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New Posts  All Forums: