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I came up with 103, and I'm sure I missed a few. 80% of them in MI. Other states I've played in: Arkansas, Arizona, California,Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Montana, Ohio. No international golf yet.
My most frequently swapped club. Usually a global golf bargain buy from a season or two before. One day I'll just get fitted and stop the madness..,
Played my hogan magnum plus irons for 13 years. I'm going in to my eighth season with my mizuno mx 23s. Before those it was a junior set for 4 years.
Still using a 30 year old laminated maple 4 wood, although I have purchased many looking did a few more yards-none have lasted long though.
Switch it up if I lose confidence. I the last 15 years I've had 3 putters, current one for about 7.
I've bought many, but one of my wedges I've been using for 20 years. Grooves seem worn-which is why I have bought a few thing to replace it-but it still feels good and performs.
I play a laminated maple 4 wood (Ram Investor II) that has been in my bag for 20 years-and in my grandfathers bag for probably about 20 years before that-and I have had no issues with modern balls (range balls or otherwise).
Question about the member access on the LSW site: is the password found somewhere in the book? I purchased it back in the fall, but I'm not sure if I need to register on the site, or if I already unknowingly have the access password. Thanks.
I usually call it the British, but I voted for either. I don't get why people get worked up over referring to it as such.
Agreed. Accurate handicaps are key. Even if someone doesn't have a legit index, at least having a score average to work off is important. I organize a golf trip with 12-16 guys, probably 3 of us keep indexes, but everyone turns in an average score to generate a "trip handicap" for all of the formats and money games we have going. Everyone has a shot to take home money, but it is pretty funny listening to some of the better players griping about someone who shot 120 somehow...
New Posts  All Forums: