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I try to keep mine pretty simple and consistent overall.   Pick my target, as small a spot as possible. Decide the shot shape I want to go for if needed and visualize the shot 2 practice swings about a foot away just to get a feel for the swing, usually 1/2 speed swings Take one step forward with right foot to address the ball with my club face aimed at my target and once aimed I step in with the other foot into my stance Take one more look at the target and...
We had our club championship this weekend and for the past few years I have really struggled on the mental side of things. I have kept pushing to get through it and shot a pair of 76's yesterday and today to win the championship. The greens are running quite a bit slower then I was used to so my putting really struggled but other then that I was very happy with my play.
Mine has been winning our club championship. Two years ago I played my way out of it due to nerves, last year I lost in a 6 hole playoff and we have ours this year going right now. After day one I'm 5 shots in the lead so just looking to go out and have some fun tomorrow and bring home my major :)
My local course is very hilly, very rare you actually have a flat lie and some of the lies are pretty severe ranging from above/below to uphill/downhill and at times a combination. The key for uphill/downhill lies is to match your shoulders to the slope, for an uphill lie move the ball position forward in your stance just a little bit and from there pretty much take a normal swing. If it is a really severe uphill lie you may have to choke down on the club a bit.
For me I have found it to be a matter of being able to repeat your swing consistently. I readily admit I have probably one of the ugliest low handicap swings you would see..lol. Huge hip rotation which leads to a massive over swing but I can repeat it consistently. I am good friends with our local pro and he has offered tips and advice to me as we play and the biggest ones had to do with working on bring my misses closer. A few years ago I would easily miss the green 20...
Definitely putting for me, average around 28 putts. Pitching and Chipping would be close behind it.
I completely forgot about this post and just catching up now. The courses suggested earlier are great and as mentioned quite a few choices. I haven't played much in Bangor, mainly early in the season at Penobscot Valley which was a lot of fun but so early in the season. I have played the Bar Harbor Course in Trenton and another small course in Winter harbor called Grindstone Neck which is a fun little coastal course. Good ole' #16, I am good friends with the course owner...
Welcome, I am a few hours north of you in Mars Hill. A few of the kids from the golf team and I try to go down to Penobscot Valley every April break if it is open. Definitely looking forward to getting back out!
We have a pretty long off-season in Northern Maine, usually my last round is late October and I won't be on a course again until early May at best. Normally it takes me 2-3 weeks of steady playing to shake off the rust which includes a lot of range time. I do a ton of putting practice through the winter so I am usually in good shape in that area which is nice, lets me focus on my swing.    Last year we picked up an Optishot and we used that 1-3 times per week for most of...
I find that it adds a few strokes but nothing major, tend to make a few more of the bigger putts and miss a couple of the shorter ones. What frustrates me more about aerated greens is the approach shots. Hit a nice wedge from 80 yards out right where you want it and it catches one of the holes just in the right spot and shoots off in the opposite direction. I definitely don't get the ball as close to the hole that time of the year then I do when the greens are in good shape.
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