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played the 20xi-s this summer and really liked it, long and strong off the tee, lots of spin off the irons very good for shaping your shots, good stopping power, great around the greens.  My only complaint is they sound like a rock off the driver, feel is fine but the sound makes you cringe.  Not as noticeable off the irons, again a little harsh sounding but great feel, I play Bridgestone J33 blades and no complaints
theres always the what if in every round, that's why were amateurs, but!!!  Even the pros miss-hit, mis-chip, mis-putt, its part of the game.  I used to dwell on the missed strokes after a round.  As I am now older, I am more calm, and see the up-side a little more.  Be happy you hit 12-14 fairways, and 11-18 greens, set your goals the same for the next round and know your putting will improve, or maybe that is the next step in lowering your scores.  I used to hit 12...
I play Nike one tours and love them, if I could still buy Titleist 100 or Bridgestone Rextar balata's I would, love the soft feel with tons of spin.  Picked up 4 dozen of these at auction for $100.00 can't wait for summer to roll around so I can give them a try
I agree with lefty, almost anything will do at least up here in the Pacific Northwest, so cold and wet anyway, just fun to get out and play.  ball flights and distances are greatly reduced
anyone have one of these rare birds and want to sell it, would love to get one!!!
I bought one last year after a long 12 year lay off.  I would never be without one now, takes all the guess work out of club selection.  Best features are how far to carry obstacles, and exact yardage to pin placements
I broke my Callaway FT last year in the winter as well.  Hitting those cold rock flite balls are hard on drivers, I only hit irons this time of year  
Best Balata Ball ever made Bridgestone Rexstar 100, liquid center, grafite wound, balata cover = Crazy spin, I could suck those babies back 15 feet!  The Titleist 100's were as good but not as durable
It all depends what you want out of your game, if your happy with your swing and can maintain it through minimal range time great.  Bet for me its 3-4 times at the range, 1-3 rounds per week depending on the weather.  I don't like playing off of a double digit cap, I don't enjoy myself, so I work at my game.  Just started playing last fall after a 12 year lay off and have it down to 6.9, I am now hitting 10-12 fairways per round and 10-14 greens per round, so I am pretty...
I only enter 18 hole scores or I'd be scratch, shoot even par on a lot of 9's
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