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I'd say because it fits my eye, I didn't know it was front wheel drive until I saw the commercial. 
I'm almost embarrassed to post this, but I bag an overspin (won it at an outing) and it sets up great for me. And no  I don't call it money but  had a streak of 9 tournament rounds without a three put last season. I do agree that is one cheesy commercial.
Great workout, I use a 24kg for my workout, from a strength workout they are okay but for HITT training they are my favorite. I just set a timer for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds rest. Here are a couple sample workouts:     1.     Swings 2.     L Snatch 3.     R Snatch 4.     Alternating swings 5.     L Clean and Press 6.     R Clean and Press 7.     Swings 8.     Figure 8 9.     Alternating Swings 10.           R Thrusters 11.           L...
By a good mat and so you can tell if you are making good contact and not injure you elbows and wrists.
I like the old ball flight laws better then the new ball flight laws.
Course Name: Fox Meadow  Course Website: http://www.foxmeadowcc.com/ Course Style: Links Regular Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: 7,019/ 73.6/132 Regular Tee Average Score: 84     Forward Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: 5,801/ 71.0/122 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Aggressive Round): 72 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Conservative Round): 74   Couple very driveable par 4 on the aggressive round  
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