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One word...evolved  
+1 on the vids, outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. Been working really hard all winter on the 5 keys. I hope the “indoor swing” will translate to some good things when it finally warms up and can hit the range. Speaking of crazy. I told my wife I was putting in a great big mirror in the bedroom. She was surprised but not as surprised when I told her it was to practice my golf swing. Lucky I've got a comfy sofa
thanks for the replies.  My confusion comes from a few mvmac vids.  In one he cocks the club straight up and makes a turn.  In the other he holds the club out in front of him shoulder high and rotates 90 degrees and drops ths shoulder the get in the perfect backswing position.  Are these 2 different elements blended together on the backswing.  
I'm confused and this maybe a stupid question.  Some say you're not supposed to rotate your forearms at all on the backswing.  Others say some rotation is OK, a slight fanning after A2.  Is one way correct or is it specific to ones swing.  Thanks 
I am not a doctor or play one on internet forums however I had a very similar problem last year. My doc said it was tendonitis.  I was hitting a lot of balls off mats that may have started it. Sorry to say the only "cure" in my case was rest and ice.  I cut down to 9 holes a week and played thru the pain, wasn't even supposed to do that.  I did get one of those gel wraps for the forearm and that did take some of the stress off the forearm.  No golf over the winter...
If I could only achieve that impact position.   4-6 lessons and this is the result, absolutely amazing!!! I don't which is more impressive, the hard work that went into the changes or the instruction. Congrats on a job extremely well done!
Just picked up an Adams F11.  Really good deals on last years model.  Much longer and easier to hit from the fairway and tee than my old Cobra. 
I've been reading and rereading this.  Great info by the way.  Maybe I'm missing something. For a right hander, the right knee gains flexation in the downswing. When does this exactly happen?  Does the right knee gain flexation at the start of the downswing or shortly before?  A "squat" move and then move the hips forward?  Or do you try to move the hips forward first then gain some flexation to tuck the butt and make the jump move?
So would a Ricky Fowler type backswing be a good thought?
Zeph, I think I have the same problem you had.  In an effort to slide the hips more forward I'm making more of a violent thrust and bringing my upper center with it.  Really out of sync.  I understand real and feel are not the same. I feel like I'm in a good position in the backswing but the downswing sequence of the slide, rotate, and tuck is giving me fits    
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