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Interesting. In Australia we use a kind of hybrid system. The US system applies with best 8 from last 20 rounds and we tend to play a lot of competitions as in the UK. Personally I can play 2 or 3 stableford comps each week if I wanted to. This keeps me honest because I play with the same group of people mainly and we all know each others capabilities. We used to have the old system like in Norway where playing 10 shots below your handicap meant a 5 shot drop next time you...
Are we going off topic? We Bogey golfers are on this thread because we want to leave it, right? We all want to be low handicappers. If some reptilian wants to play dumb to get an advantage he is probably not worth playing with, regularly at least. Anyway who cares, lets just get our scores down and let the morons play their silly games. Its only a game after all.   As for my angle on this I have become slightly more consistent by playing for Par when I start well on a...
Carnoustie, Turnberry, Birkdale are the three best I have played. If Pebble Beach was a true links course the it would be close to #1. Also New South Wales is excellent. Don't know about the Irish courses.
The mental anguish is high. My 18 year old son, after many years following  me around on golf courses and playing with me regularly, now has come to the painful (for me) conclusion that golf is an intellectual waste and he would prefer to read literature and write books. Modestly, I am no intellectual pygmy but I love golf as much as any activity I have ever done. This rejection hurts me and I don't know how to deal with it. Has anyone had a similar experience? How to...
I have just come back from a trip to the Masters followed by a week at Pebble Beach. Two Heavens. The Masters was awesome - like a dream really. And the course is so BIG!! Great to see the front (sorry, First) Nine in the flesh. Loved the sequence from 3 to 7 and while it was hot not too bad as you could refresh very cheaply at the Concessions for $1.50 Lemon/Lime Drink. The new Driving Range would put most courses to shame and I loved it when a security guard asked a guy...
I began to use my 3 wood properly when I went back to basics and told myself to keep my head still, watch the back of the ball, and keep watching it through the stroke. I also stiffened my arms a little and told myself to be a wheel for the club. As a basic hacker I began to hit it 190 yards. These days if it goes off I tend to take it out of the bag and go with the 5 wood which is basically easier because of the extra loft. Once I get the feel back I go to the 3 wood again.
I am 64 and have a handicap of 18 plus or minus. People say I hit a long ball (for my age I guess) and my short game is pretty good.  Trouble is I didn't take up the game until I was 58 so I continually wonder what my potential was as a young  guy. Maybe 9?
Started Par-Triple-Par-Par-Par- then all downhill. No apparent reason. Finished with 93. Very disappointing.
I think it was when I realized I needed to watch the ball
Almost won the Medal with 84 net 64. Only for a wild 3 wood on 7 and a duffed wedge on 9 I might have achieved my ambition. Curses, foiled again!! It was a lovely round started with a par and a birdie on first two holes. Then it just rolled along in the zone. Statistically not bad with 10 fairways and 32 putts but not sensational either - just solid golf. Maybe next month.
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