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I began to use my 3 wood properly when I went back to basics and told myself to keep my head still, watch the back of the ball, and keep watching it through the stroke. I also stiffened my arms a little and told myself to be a wheel for the club. As a basic hacker I began to hit it 190 yards. These days if it goes off I tend to take it out of the bag and go with the 5 wood which is basically easier because of the extra loft. Once I get the feel back I go to the 3 wood again.
I am 64 and have a handicap of 18 plus or minus. People say I hit a long ball (for my age I guess) and my short game is pretty good.  Trouble is I didn't take up the game until I was 58 so I continually wonder what my potential was as a young  guy. Maybe 9?
Started Par-Triple-Par-Par-Par- then all downhill. No apparent reason. Finished with 93. Very disappointing.
I think it was when I realized I needed to watch the ball
Almost won the Medal with 84 net 64. Only for a wild 3 wood on 7 and a duffed wedge on 9 I might have achieved my ambition. Curses, foiled again!! It was a lovely round started with a par and a birdie on first two holes. Then it just rolled along in the zone. Statistically not bad with 10 fairways and 32 putts but not sensational either - just solid golf. Maybe next month.
I'll take the 180 yard 7 iron to 4 feet.
How did you get on Kittansett and TPC Boston? Are they open to public?
My story is a little surreal. Played golf since 2006. Three holes-in-one in 3 months (actually 20 rounds). All on the same 160 metre Par 3 at my club. All with the same 4 iron. All in competitions. I am applying to the Guinness World Records. All true.
Interesting development. I have bought a set of Ci11 Wilson Staffs fitted with graphite shaft. Now my distances are 4i/180yds, 5i/170, 6/160, 7/150, 8/140, 9/130, P/120 which is much better than before. Problem is these irons are slightly offset which has thrown my direction off-line. Tending to pull/hook rather than slice. Anyone with ideas on how to deal with this ?
Yeah I have been to Jasper Park Lodge - a beautiful place. Thompson must have been some architect.
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