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  Walter Sobchak: Am I wrong? The Dude: No you're not wrong. Walter Sobchak: Am I wrong? The Dude: You're not wrong Walter. You're just an a**hole. Walter Sobchak: Okay then.
  People who do not believe in global warming do that because it makes them feel comfortable - not because it is fact. It happens over and over again, with evolution, global warming, more guns make you safer etc. If a scientific fact doesn't fit into your narrow world view, then just find some pseudo-science that is created to support your view and the argument is over.   I hate to break it to you, but Global warming is real and caused by humans, more guns means more...
Hi All,   I am from Europe and I'm looking to spend 2-3 weeks in the US this spring.   Does anyone have any good experience with any golf package (green fees + accomodation) providers / agencies in South Carolina?   I am looking for 3-5 days stay at good quality courses.   Ben
I use a 10 finger grip. If I don't, I keep pushing the shots..   My HCP is still dropping, so I won't consider changing my grip until my progress stops.  
So I'll give you a 3.  
Hi Mods, how about deleting these blatantly faked user "reviews". All accounts are posting their first post.
Hit 80%
I've played for 2.5 years, started when I was 30. I had my own clubs for just over a year, and I am now at 12.3, hoping to get into single digits this summer. I am living in Czech Republic, so I am not golfing during winter (November through March) and I have a fulltime job.   I like the Dan Plan, but I would say that with that amount of hours, he should be much lower handicap by now to have any chance of getting trough Q School.
    I have met a few of you...
FTFY http://iswingbox.com/
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