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What have you learned from your teacher and the books that is going to help you with your slice?
It starts left then curves left or it starts left and stays straight?
Where is the ball starting before it hooks?
The club is square to the path, but open to the target.
It is a lot easier to diagnose problems with your swing if you can post a video of it.   Take a look at this post http://thesandtrap.com/t/38240/my-swing-video-threads-rules-please-read   Then post a video of your swing here http://thesandtrap.com/f/4180/member-swings
You also need to get your shoulders working more in a circle. Your right shoulder drops down to much and need to work more out as well.
He needs to take a look at a protractor, if he was increasing the angle he would be casting the club.
It's great to watch the video to see the back swing and downswing positions in slow motion, but most of the time the analysis is pretty bad!
New Posts  All Forums: