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When you go to play, just play. Don't think about numbers or what you practiced the day before, just have a good time playing!
When you start the downswing you have no weight shift. Check out these videos.        
Sounds like a good time, the best thing for him is to understand he is a 30 handicap, so with that being said he should try his best to just have a good time and not try and make things happen in his swing. He is going to hit bad shots and he will also hit good ones. If he stays positive and not get upset over bad holes he will do much better, and who know he might even win his match!
Keep working on getting your grip stronger, it will be uncomfortable and may mess up your swing but don't give up.
Sounds like a path issue to me.
Coming out of posture, swinging to far left, pulling the arms in etc. Post a video of your swing if you can.
It could be what saevel25 said, a better swing or the tee box. I would get a GPS or laser range finder, they will give you a more accurate number.
When you say it go's left, is it a pull or a hook?
Here is a video of it, Brian Manzella.  
No, you hit fat and thin shots from not getting your weight foward at impact and or your head is to far behind the ball.  
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