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MV, I have a question about AoA, is hitting more down on the ball the same as having a more negative AoA.
Oh My, That was crazy MV!
Great post Erik, I also believe it is best to have the thumb slightly off center (right image) also. I had some trouble with this in my early years of golf, I had it more down the shaft and for me it felt as if it caused my to cast the club more.
When you make a backswing your hip will naturally move away from the chair and it looks like he is shifting away from it but I dont think he is trying to get you to shift away from the chair.
I have read a few articles and have seen some videos claiming that a 2 plane swing has a distance advantage over a 1 plane swing. Does anyone know if this is true or what is your opinion on this.
I would try and strengthen your grip a little and see if that helps.
When you hit the "block shot" is it straight or does it fade as well?
In the bottom swing you hit it way off the toe! If you are hitting low hooks I would address your grip and or make sure you are not forcing your hands to turn over through impact.
Check out this article on how to fix your slice, slide your hips!  
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