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  Did you read his post after mine!!! He said his ball starts straight then goes left. Path would be in to out with a square face to the TARGET. Yes I know the face is closed to the PATH. The ball will only go left if he is turning his hands over through impact.
    It's most likely your path. You are swinging to much in to out.
There are a few things that can cause this, grip, path, etc. Where does the ball start, straight, left, right? Its easier to see whats going on if you could post a video of your swing.
    PULL = The face is only closed to the target line but it is square to the path with an out to in swing.   DRAW = The face is open to the target line but is closed to the path with an in to out swing.   If the face is open to the path it will fade/slice. If the face is closed to the path it will draw/hook.
You could also be pulling your left are in during impact (chicken wing).
Here is an image.  
  Yes.     No. Flipping is when the left wrist breaks down (bends forward).
  I have a friend with this problem, he comes to me with all the new tips and thinks of too many things in his swing.
A hook could be caused by a few things. You could be swinging to much in-to-out or turning you hands over through impact. Check your grip as well. The left hand V (the v shape between the thumb and index finger) points to the left shoulder and the right hand V should point more towards your face.  
  The right elbow hinging and unhinging, and the angle between the left arm and shoulder are 2 of the power accumulators.
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