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I noticed the same thing, look at the white line, your aligned to the right and the camera is not directly behind you.  
It wouldn't be a bad idea to get a few, It would definitely help. When I started out I had a bad slice and decided to get some and Im glad I did.
  Yes I was talking about Carp. must be starting the down swing with the shoulders. Sorry for the miss communication.  
Tiger Woods -12 Johnson Wagner -10 Justin Rose - 8
No, coming from the inside will cause the opposite a draw or hook. But you can hit a push fade if the club is open with a square swing path. A strsight slice is when the face is square and the path is out to in. look at the ball flight law chart below.      
It sounds like you are mostly coming over the top. You start your downswing by turning your shoulders.   This is a good video to see how to come from the inside.  
lol...1mm, I have a hard time measuring that with a ruler!
I think you missed the point.
That is fantastic, bunker putt...lol  
  Ball flight does not lie!!! There is no what I think or believe about them. If you don't understand ball flight then what do you tell your student to do to correct the problem. Yes amateurs have been mislead, turn the hands over at impact to square the face, the face must be closed to hit a draw, the face must be open to hit a fade etc. I have been down this road!!  
New Posts  All Forums: