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When doing the distance control close your eyes and see how close you get, its all feel.
Try and strengthen your grip a little.
I don't think its bad advice, but keep in mind that what may work for you may not for someone else. Everyone has there own way of thinking on the golf course.  
LOL, If you ever find your ball deep in a buffalo patty, don't worry! Dave will show you how to pick it thin so your game won't stink.
Here is a good putting vid.      
You don't want to close the face at impact, you need to just swing on the correct path with a square face.
LMAO....I think this going to be a really fun thread!!
Thats because the irons have more loft (more backspin) and are not on such a flat plane like the driver because it is much longer.
The back swing is a little flat which is what's causing the arm's issue. Take the club to the top of your back swing and stop. Then just lift your arms up a little so the left arm is more across your shoulders to see what that feels like. It could be a flexibility issue to why your swing is so flat. The good thing is that your are on plane during the downswing. What is your missed shots.
Here is the camera thread.   http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
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