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You don't want to close the face at impact, you need to just swing on the correct path with a square face.
LMAO....I think this going to be a really fun thread!!
Thats because the irons have more loft (more backspin) and are not on such a flat plane like the driver because it is much longer.
The back swing is a little flat which is what's causing the arm's issue. Take the club to the top of your back swing and stop. Then just lift your arms up a little so the left arm is more across your shoulders to see what that feels like. It could be a flexibility issue to why your swing is so flat. The good thing is that your are on plane during the downswing. What is your missed shots.
Here is the camera thread.   http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
This video may help.      
Here are a few things to look at. First: The setup with Alvero Quiros, which is the extreme opposite of you to see how he looks on the downswing.       Much better on the backswing. Notice how Alvero lowers his head, this is something all pros and good ballstrikers do to create power on the dowswing.     Notice Alvero's impact postion compaired to yours. He remains down through impact and you start to come up.     You can see in the image...
You transfer your weight. Red line is address, white is impact. I had the same problem with my shoulder pushing into my chin and causing me to lift my head. One thing I did that helped was to tilt my head back alittle to alow my shoulder to rotate under my chin. When you get to the top of the backswing you start to lift your arms instead of rotating around your Inclination.         Here is a couple of image's of Anthony Kim at the top of his back swing and...
The 1st image is your setup. Notice the white lines on your head.       This is the top of your backswing and you are lifting your head up a little. Everything else looks good.         Next is the downswing, it gets worse, here you start to lift even more and fall back a little.         As a result you hit the ball off the toe of the club. The white line.         First work on your posture, trying to maintain your...
In the image below shows a 2x4 in line with your target line. Place it about a few inches from your club head. What it does is if you swing over the top the club will hit the 2x4. If you swing to much from the inside you will hit the 2x4. If you swing in-square-in (on plane) you will miss the 2x4 and hit a straight and will get rid of the shank shot. When you first do this try and use an old club so you don't scuff up a new one, a 7 iron would be a good one to use or...
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