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Saevel25 has it right its more than likely OTT swing, but with any fade slice the face is open to the path. If your ball is starting fairly straight then curves to the right the path is too out to in (OTT) with a square face. All you have to do is get the club more on plane, from the inside. You need to start the swing with your lower body(hips), rotating your hips and shift your weight onto you left side while keeping your head steady, behind the ball through impact. 
I would definitely get fitted, the lie angle is the most important thing if it is too upright or too flat it can effect your shot.
Just make sure you are aiming your feet parallel left of the target line.
I agree with that, but you are more than like to not hit it off the toe every shot. So it can be more accurate than just ball flight.
 Trackman, Flightscope, etc is the best way to see your path and face at impact.
You should only work on one or two things at a time, so 30 min. should more than enough time to find something for you to work on.
Do you have and Android or iPhone, they have many apps that use GPS to track you distance.
Thats not uncommon with some of todays irons, since the PW can have a loft of 48* and a 9 iron with a loft of 40*.
Got it, Thank you.
 Ok, so if I have a club with a dynamic loft of 30* and an AoA of 2* how do I increase the spin if the dynamic loft does not change, since I have read that a more negative AoA does not change the spin rate if the loft is the same. Also is it true that hitting up on the ball with a driver does not decrease the spin rate, its more where you hit it on the face, high on the face will decrease spin and lower on the face will increase spin.
New Posts  All Forums: