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His name is Colt Ford, I believe he is a singer, a good player, like a 3 or 4 handicap.
What do you think the most important club is?
Yes I am agreeing with you, but you would get more of a draw with the long irons and woods.
The first thing is he over draws the ball, which means his path is too much to the right. With regard's to what misty_mountainhop said about the ball being back in his stance, yes it could cause the ball to draw do to the path moving to the right during the downswing but that would happen more with a long iron since its easier to tilt the spin axis with a long iron then with a short iron. Also short irons require the path to be more out to in (to zero out the path, as...
I like everything Erik has to say, The best thing IMO is Key#2 for sure. Get the weight left to help keep the club more on plane from the inside.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you should take a look at your shoulder alignment at address, your shoulders may be to open to the target line.
Do you hit pull shots in relation to your target line or is the ball starting on the target line then curving to the right?
That is good to hear the improvement. The shanks are more than likely caused by your right elbow being to far away from your body at impact. concentrate on getting it closer to your side on the down swing.
The swingbyte does not have the ability to see the target line, it sees the target line in relation to where the club is pointing at address and then it uses that to let you know how open or closed it was at impact. So if you take the club back and you fan it open a few degrees that can really throw off where your face really was pointed at impact.
I took it also and put in an old email address so I could see the answers. Here they are if you want to see them.  [[SPOILER]]
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