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You are losing your angles too early in the downswing.   In the image below you will see the white line is where your shaft is. The yellow circle (this is where you want your hands) and line (shaft) is where you want it to be when you reach A6, Club shaft parallel to ground on the downswing.       You want to maintain the angles in your wrist longer. Try this drill.  
Jon, That is an amazing improvement in your swing!    
Thin shots could be caused by flipping, pulling your arms in, early extension, etc. That is why the best thing is to start a swing thread and get a FO (face on) and a DL (down the line) video of your swing.   Here is a thread on how to film your swing. http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
Check out the site, evolvr.com it has some good info about how it works.
Nice vid, I have seen something like this before but it explained air time and ground time in relation to how far away from the green you are.
Great improvement on Keys 2 and 3!
lol, I remember when I first started playing that I was told to do this to correct a slice.
Its ok that its flat. You need to loose some flexion (straight the right leg a little more during the back swing to get the hips to turn more) in your trail leg. That will help to get the club more parallel at the top.
His name is Colt Ford, I believe he is a singer, a good player, like a 3 or 4 handicap.
What do you think the most important club is?
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