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I have read a few articles and have seen some videos claiming that a 2 plane swing has a distance advantage over a 1 plane swing. Does anyone know if this is true or what is your opinion on this.
I would try and strengthen your grip a little and see if that helps.
When you hit the "block shot" is it straight or does it fade as well?
In the bottom swing you hit it way off the toe! If you are hitting low hooks I would address your grip and or make sure you are not forcing your hands to turn over through impact.
Check out this article on how to fix your slice, slide your hips!  
WU Tiger that chart is showing the ball flights with the body alignment square to the target line.
Looks like he is trying to hit a pull draw, by the looks of his stance being well right of the flag and the ball starts just left of his stance.    
  The diagram is showing the ball flight laws if the body alignment, feet, hips and shoulders are square to the target line. I understand you can aim in different directions. If you aim 10 yards to the right of your target you would be better off hitting a pull draw then a push draw, it all depends on what shot you are comfortable with.
  norrisedgar, The statement in bold is not correct, the dotted line is the target line/body alignment. It does not mean it is the start direct of the ball. The black arrow is the start direction and the red arrow is the path/swing direction.
The ball flight laws in the diagram are relative to the target line. If you have a hard time swinging with an outward path to hit a push draw then you can aim lets say 10 yards to the right of the target line, swing along your body alignment and hit a small pull draw to get it back to the target line. Like Erik said there are many ways to get it done.
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