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Here is a chart.  
It's more of a path issue than your grip. I have a fairly strong grip(the V's of the thumbs point to my right shoulder)and I hit the ball stright and at my target line when I am rotating my shoulders around my incline and not rotating them to level. You need to keep the head steady, rotate around your torso, keep the head behind the ball and don't force your hands to rotate through impact.
The softer the greens are the easier it is to get the ball to bite.
  Did you get them numbers from a launch monitor(trackman).
Gets some club face impact tape or some blue painters tape so you can see where on the face she is hitting it.
  I agree with you, In my example the body alignment is square to the target.
  Read this: http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/ball_flight_laws
    Its where the target line is, If the ball starts at the target line then curves left its a straight draw, if it starts right of the target line then curves left back to the target line then its a push draw.
It defines the potion at the top of the back swing.   One-plane - left arm accross the shoulder line. Two-plane - left arm above the shoulder line.
    Does your drive start pretty much on target then slice or does it start right then slice?
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