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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you should take a look at your shoulder alignment at address, your shoulders may be to open to the target line.
Do you hit pull shots in relation to your target line or is the ball starting on the target line then curving to the right?
That is good to hear the improvement. The shanks are more than likely caused by your right elbow being to far away from your body at impact. concentrate on getting it closer to your side on the down swing.
The swingbyte does not have the ability to see the target line, it sees the target line in relation to where the club is pointing at address and then it uses that to let you know how open or closed it was at impact. So if you take the club back and you fan it open a few degrees that can really throw off where your face really was pointed at impact.
I took it also and put in an old email address so I could see the answers. Here they are if you want to see them.  [[SPOILER]]
Kodewolf, In this image below you said you get your hands in the position in grants swing later, thats the problem its to late by then and you have thrown all that stored energy way to early. When the club gets parallel to the ground that is where your hands need to be at that point.         Also take a look at this image it is the reason you are struggling with your slice and the flying wedge drill. You are coming up out of your posture (inclination to the...
It is possible for any swing to be a slice, but that swing is not a slice. He keeps his head behind the ball through impact and that allows the club to come from the inside-square-inside to produce a straight shot or possibly a draw. If his head was to get in front of the ball his shoulers would the start to turn too flat and that would cause his path to move to much inward and cause a slice.
The slice is one of the biggest things an amateur or beginner golfer faces more than any other shot when they first start there golfing careers. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what the best way(s) to tackle this super fun game that can be vary frustrating when trying to correct or eliminate that slice.   The first thing everybody talks about is that you must start the downswing from the ground up. This I believe is true but there is more to it than that. You...
See the difference in where your hands are compared to Grants, once you get them there you will see a difference in speed and distance.         Try these drills.      
Try this. It helped me a lot. Its great for alignment etc.    
New Posts  All Forums: