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@Pave @vangator, If any pro rolled their wrist to hit a draw they would end up hitting more snap hooks and pull draws. Just like Mike said the face is pointing right of the target at impact, the path is what is causing the ball to impart draw spin(axis tilt)on the ball.
Rotating the shoulders to level(using to much of the upper body). Not getting there weight forward on the downswing.
  What is it Erik!
Forget about the so called "release" like Erik said its advise we both hate. If you have a proper downswing, hands leading, flat left wrist, weight forward, etc. the club face will square up automatically. There really is no need to think about it or to try and do anything with your hands to make it happen.
You slice the ball because the face is open to your path, the most common slice is the OTT (over the top) swing. If the ball is starting relatively straight then curving to the right the path is the problem.   Read this thread --> http://thesandtrap.com/t/58339/how-did-you-fix-your-slice
The driver is no different then any other club when it comes to being confident with your swing. You are setting your self up for failure every time you take it out of your bag. You must be confident in knowing that you can hit it just as well as your pitching wedge. Just as MS256 said with the driver you swing 100% or more because you want it to go a mile. Try swing the driver like you do the 3 wood. Start with slower more controlled swings then increase the speed as you...
Here is a good drill for alignment and seeing the line.   Get some BBQ skewers and 8 feet of string then align the ball and your eyes over the center of the string, follow the diagram.  
Tiger and Rory do this as well, Tiger more. Its all about ground forces, pushing up off the ground to create speed in the down swing. The hips opening up so much and are rotating so fast they would probably blow out their knee if they didn't turn their lead foot open.
Saevel25 has it right its more than likely OTT swing, but with any fade slice the face is open to the path. If your ball is starting fairly straight then curves to the right the path is too out to in (OTT) with a square face. All you have to do is get the club more on plane, from the inside. You need to start the swing with your lower body(hips), rotating your hips and shift your weight onto you left side while keeping your head steady, behind the ball through impact. 
I would definitely get fitted, the lie angle is the most important thing if it is too upright or too flat it can effect your shot.
New Posts  All Forums: