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    The shoulders rotate in a circle around your incline(spine angle). Slicers get to flat on the back swing and they start the down swing with the shoulders.    
    The 2 different releases in the images do not have different ball flights? Why would someone use one over the other? Does IN OUT and ON affect the type of shot you are trying to produce?
Here is a couple of good videos on hinge action.            
    He had a little bit of hip slide?? Duh!
  A lot of practice. Ben Hogan would hit balls for 8 hours a day.
  $195 ??? Thats crazy!
Here is something that works for me, this is a green side system.   Look at where your ball is and how far the pin is on the green, if the pin is in front then you have a shot which has more air time less ground time so you would use a 60* wedge for that shot.   If you had a pin that was in the middle of the green then you would have a shot that is 50/50 so I would use a pitching wedge   If you had a pin that was in the back of the green you would have less...
Read this thread---.http://thesandtrap.com/t/58339/how-did-you-fix-your-slice
A proper down swing will take care of the flat wrist, maintain the flying wedges, proper pivot, not throwing the club at impact etc etc. You never want to force the hands through impact it will happen automatically with proper mechanics and centrifugal force.
You are not making the same moves he is then, he is rotating his wrist too much, forcing the move. Most people have a more stronger grip, even with a neutral grip you could end up rotating to much by ingraining that motion. If you look at a slowmo of any tour players swing you will see that the back of the left wrist does not face the target at impact it is open about 20 degrees or so , the wrist is flat but not rotated that much or bowed like that.
New Posts  All Forums: