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You should only work on one or two things at a time, so 30 min. should more than enough time to find something for you to work on.
Do you have and Android or iPhone, they have many apps that use GPS to track you distance.
Thats not uncommon with some of todays irons, since the PW can have a loft of 48* and a 9 iron with a loft of 40*.
Got it, Thank you.
 Ok, so if I have a club with a dynamic loft of 30* and an AoA of 2* how do I increase the spin if the dynamic loft does not change, since I have read that a more negative AoA does not change the spin rate if the loft is the same. Also is it true that hitting up on the ball with a driver does not decrease the spin rate, its more where you hit it on the face, high on the face will decrease spin and lower on the face will increase spin.
MV, I have a question about AoA, is hitting more down on the ball the same as having a more negative AoA.
Oh My, That was crazy MV!
Great post Erik, I also believe it is best to have the thumb slightly off center (right image) also. I had some trouble with this in my early years of golf, I had it more down the shaft and for me it felt as if it caused my to cast the club more.
When you make a backswing your hip will naturally move away from the chair and it looks like he is shifting away from it but I dont think he is trying to get you to shift away from the chair.
New Posts  All Forums: