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I recently picked up an R11s 12* driver and it works great for me. I have it set on the high loft setting making it 13.5. I have a as of about 93 and can get it up to 95-96 if I remember to loosen up a bit. I typically average about 225 to 230 and end up around 250-260. I used to use a 10.5 Supertri and the new driver is straighter and about 10 yards longer. It's pretty fun hitting it by other people when it technically has a 3 wood loft.
go to lostgolfballs.com and try as many as you like.  They are really cheap and I cant tell the difference between the AAAAA grade and brand new ones from the store.  Get a dozen of a bunch of different ones and give them a try.  Another good thing is that you wont feel as bad if you end up not liking the ones you got because they are so cheap.  They usually have a pretty good selection too.
What size glove do you normally wear?  I have small hands and use a small size glove.  I have undersized grips because it is easier to close the clubface when I swing.  If I use standard grips, I tend to leave the face open and end up slicing or blocking it right (R handed).
Does anyone know which manufacturers are still making 9 woods?  Are there any current offerings or will I have to go hunting for a really old used one?
I picked up a set of the JPX800s about a month back and love them.  I got a set with the Nippon 950 shafts which are pretty lightweight.  I am coming from a mixed set of TM TP MC/MB because I needed more forgiveness.  While I do miss the feeling of a forged iron, I dont miss only getting that feeling on 1 out of 10 shots.  If you mishit the 800s, there is not much of a penalty distance wise.  These irons launch high and go pretty far even though the lofts are pretty...
What is your driver SS?  Mine is around 93 and I play a 13.5* G15.  I can consistently hit it out about 250, usually pretty straight (sometimes with a slight draw).  I tend to deloft all of my clubs because of my bad swing so it was hard to get a good ballflight even with an 11.5* driver.  Nothing wrong with a high lofter driver, especially with a slower swing speed.  You might find that you get more distance with more control with a 13* driver.  I think if you go try...
I am selling a Miyazaki CKua 39R shaft.  It has a brand new white/black NDMC grip and an R9/11 tip installed.  Sold my supertri so this has to go.  Good lightweight shaft for smooth swingers.  Mid launch with low spin shaft.    
Mine was about $55 shipped.  Pretty good deal for a high quality cover.     
I just got my custom headcover in the mail today.  Custom mallet putter cover by Delila (girlygolfer.com).  This fits perfectly.  Better than the stock headcover. Lets see pics of your custom headcovers!   What do you think?
I had this installed last week and have 3 rounds with it so far.  It has cut my draw down from 15-20 yards to about 10 yards.  My miss is a hook and this will not do anything to change that.  This will make your good shots better but will not keep you from making bad shots.  A 60 yard hook is still a bad shot if it is cut down to a 55 yard hook.  I still have to get used to my alignment with this installed.  I used to start my shots way over the right rough and draw it...
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