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Visit my youtube channel and remember to click the lower right hand corner 1080p for best quality!:   https://www.youtube.com/user/Mindseye1982/videos?flow=grid&view=0&sort=p
compare to my 2012 US Open Tiger Woods video and click 1080p in lower right corner for best quality:   
Retief Goosen plays a practice round at Pebble Beach- His chipping if phenomenal and swing is fluid and my videography and editing is probably the top amateur golf round compilation. Please judge for yourself. Yes the camera is shaky and I should have used a tripod but I believe I have not seen anything like it. Please rate your enjoyment and let me know if you have seen anything like it (better than my semi viral Tiger Woods 2012 US Open Video). Some of the camera...
just wondering if people have formulated these post with or without knowledge of how trevino himself described in his own words (with the help of an editor and illustrator) in one of his books? This book which I speak of is a masterpiece. Has anyone read it?
I have read 5 lessons many times over as well as Power Golf by ben hogan. Yet a detailed account of his fade has not been accounted for. I do vaguely reacall a source that alledged Hogan said that Lee Trevino has "got it", or understands what ben hogan does in his swing. Trevino has been regarded as on of the best ball strikers of all time, so I do think that vague source does have merit. Anyone who has knowledge I would be much appreciative of a compare and contrast...
correction my swingweight is E5 exactly in the driver
  Ben Hogan did grind his clubs to a negative bounce: while the solution to taking the left side out of play does not lie soley in one place, certainly it was a piece of what made hogans fade so great. I can hit a fade, but am after a specific type fade: the ben hogan fade.  
Is there an overall weight restriction on the driver?   Please someone let me know- I am building up my grips to get the swing weight down
I fit me: went from less weight and less stiff flex shafts all the way up to what I have now and each change has yielded success. I would like to get away from the stigma of the 48 in driver with another set up. But have to work on other things in my game before I have time to fix the quite functional specs
1) I would like to take the left side out of play 2) If the greatest ball striker of all time used 5 degree open clubs, I would like to try them. Everyone should want to try them. SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE THEM. I cant understand why it would be soooo hard to accomplish this.
New Posts  All Forums: