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For me, having had a better understanding of the swing path, how to find the bottom of the swing.    I have taken countless lessons over the years but it wasn't until I went to Erie, PA for 2 day instruction clinic with Eric, James & Dave along with Andy Plumber and Mike Bennett, that I had a better understanding of a proper golf swing.   This by far was the most intensive learning experience I had ever had, complete with video and one to one instruction.    I think...
Check out Gull Lake in nearby Augusta, MI.  Stonehenge North and South and also Yarrow Golf Club.  Great little golf Mecca and destination for golf trips.
Bag Tags from every golf course I have played.  Favorites:  Spyglass, Olympic Club San Francisco, Chicago Golf Club, Medina, TPC Sawgrass, Spanish Bay.  The towel is from Augusta but sadly have never played.    
Owner of Adventures in Advertising, Promotional Products and Apparel.  Commonly referred to as Swag, Chotskies, Trinkets, etc...
I saw Perez a fews years ago at the Western open in Chicago.  He was practicing and whooping it up with John Daly with non fan interaction.  His brother Mike won Big Break a few years back and seemed just like him.
Bowditch chip in for eagle sure looked like 5SK chipping drill with hands ahead of shaft at finish
Thanks for reply mvmac - this helps. 
Gary Woodland -9 Bill Haas -9 Kevin Streetman -9
Just so I understand, in the simplest terms, to hit a draw you want to aim right of target and close the club face.  If I were to change the stance in below photo to aim more right, does the path of the club change with the stance?   In other words at P2, does the but end of the club point at the intended target or to the aim point right of the target?   I always try to feel the but end of the grip pointing at the target to make sure I am starting the club back on...
Hammer 4, the problem for me with the 1 piece takeaway is that my body is turning too early which causes my arms and club to have to catch up.  I also tend to tilt too much at target and lift my arms.   With the early wrist hinge, I feel like my club, arms and body all reach the top at once.  The main feel I have is pushing the club handle down with heel pad of left hand, feeling the but end of club pointing down just past my right thigh.  It felt really handsy at first...
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