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I can't believe this thread is still kicking.   Dan will never win the B flight of a Club Championship. Can't believe there is any type of debate about playing on the PGA Tour. The whole thing is so stupid! He's probably about a 7-8 handicap on a real course. I hate when people say he's a 2-3 handicap. There's no way.
I have the PGA and Euro PGA apps on my phone. Noticed this guy shot +1 yesterday. Today he went: Par, Par, Par, Bogey, then an 11 on a par 5, 9 on a par 4, par, double bogey, birdie to shoot 49. Curious to see how he does on the back. Seems like most other people aren't having any trouble.
All I am asking is, when it gets to match play should the 80% be void, or do you think the 80% handicap should continue on to the match play?   Qualifying was net (80% handicaps).. top 16 qualified
It's 4 ball 2vs2   To make it easy. Our home course handicaps are:   5, 7, 12, 16   The simple question is do the 3 high players get   100%   2, 7 and 9 strokes or   80%   2, 6, and 7 strokes?
At my course we have a net tourney with 80% handicaps top 16 teams qualify for four ball match play.   We qualified and won our first match today. We all play off of the low handicap.   The handicaps are 5, 7, 12 and 16.   My question is:   The higher 3 handicaps. Do they get 80% off of the low ball? Or do you think you should get 100%   Thanks for your input.
Been struggling all year with a lazy swing and blocks and fades to the right. Went from a 4.6 all the way up to a 10! I started toying with my swing and remembering to finish high and hold my finish which kinda forces you to make a good swing. I'm back in the 70s and even have my old 5 yard draw back. Psyched to play good golf the rest of the year.
Thanks im going to try this tomorrow. It felt weird at first, but by the end of the lesson and this morning i was hitting the ball much better. I got myself in such a bad habit, that it became permanent.
I took a lesson last night to go over my problems. Right away the pro noticed that I was releasing my hips too soon. At the top of my swing he's trying to me to move my hands instead of already turning my hips. Make sense? Anyone have any drills that'll help with this? Also is it easy to post a video?
Thanks. I'm open to all advice. Golf is so maddening. I can't explain how many times I've said " I finally got this game!" next thing you know i can't do anything right.
I'm going to take a video tonight. I dont currently have one.
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