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At The Trent Jones Residence Golf Course  72 (36 / 36) .(Tunisia) Today   What a very very strange day today, good swing good rhythm Hit 13 on 14 Fairways (a record for me) but...., Only 9 greens in regulation 5 times 3 puts 3 puts  twisting 360° around the cup Not a damned single up & down for saving par 10 bogeys in a row (another record i am not really proud of...:o), Only bogeys and pars on my card (first time as long as i remember) Not a single birdy put in...
Dear M. Fischer;   I know most people usually focus about the impressive driving of M. Watson, but i think that if he did won 2 majors and so on... it surely also because he has a very talented short game.   In order to keep (or improve) that very important part of the game, do you train him in with some exercises in order to stay balanced and "relax" ? If so, what do you recommend ?   Reagards   Alexandre.
A review   http://www.bunkersparadise.com/forum/clubs-balls-and-accessories/ernest-es14-portable-launch-monitor-review/msg355431/#msg355431
All i know so far, is that it comes with a 9V battery, it is not a chargeable battery.
Hello, Did anyone try this "ES14 Launch Monitor"   http://www.ernestsports.com/es14/   and could give some feedback on  set up, usability, trustiness...   Regards.
Hello   Have you cheked this review ?   http://www.rotaryswing.com/golf-lessons-blog/trackman-iiie-vs-flightscope-x2-2013-review/
Got News from Mizuno   Believe it or not the answer from Mizuno France is :   We will not take your clubs into consideration for any guaranty because "You live and play on a course next to the sea !!!"   Yes unbelievable from a so called Serious Company such as Mizuno with one of the best forged irons on the market. The strange thing is that before returning the clubs to the store i told them i was living in Tunis -Tunisia. As far as i know maybe more than 50% of...
Dear Matt   Thanks for your reply, 2 weeks from now on, and still no news, but i shall have some by the end of the week. On my point of view, i think Mizuno is a serious company with a good sense of customer care and after sell service, this case will be interesting to measure how much i am correct :o)   Either they rebuilt new irons, or they will refinished the original ones, i wish the will provide a correct and true answer on what was going on...   As my English...
Thanks anyway, your review tends to confirm what i thought : this not seem to be usual...
If we talk about NEVER :o)   A straight driver shot on the fairway.... mostly draw or hook (i am a lefty) A high 3 or 5 wood with backspin that would stop real fast on the green.
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