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Well it's with sad regret that I say I have to hold off on the workouts for now. I was helping a neighbor with some construction this weekend and totally threw my back out. I've been advised to hold off on any strenuous activities until my back has had a chance to recover. I've been in contact with Grant and he's been very helpful, he's even willing to leave my workout open until I get back to normal. I have enjoyed the first few days of the workout and think it will...
Is the 22* still available?
These are awesome, hoping to get one ordered. Would be super cool for a Hole in One celebration.
I have for sale a used set of Ben Hogan CFT Edge irons, the set make up is 5 iron through E Wedge. Stock stiff shafts and upgraded lamkin crossline tour grips, about half dozen rounds on the grips. They are used but still have some life left in them. I tried to take as many pics as I thought would help, if you'd like specific pics please let me. Pricing is $175 plus shipping, or best reasonable offer.   Trade offers are Taylormade ghost putters  
I'm hoping to get my swing on film this week. I'd love to get my swing analyzed now and then after my workout routine has been completed.    
Just finished day one this morning, wow, there were some nice exercises involved, I really like using the medicine ball. I can really feel how some of the muscles used will translate with the golf swing. As another side note Grant and I had a great conversation about how athletic the golf swing is and once he started using the technical terms I really got a better understanding about how much is involved in the golf swing, it's quite complicated to say the least!
I would say round four hours total, it's only 5 days out of the 7 with 2 off days, and only 2 days of a heavier workout, the other three are lighter. He said you can do most all of them from home, except for the 2 heavier days which require some more equipment that I may not have access to at home.    
Just got off the phone with Grant, what a super nice guy, he gave me all the info and details I needed to get into the new program and start my new workout plan. He was very nice and very helpful, he even offered up his email and phone numbers so I could ask any questions that arise. From first glance the workouts seem like they might be a little challenging for me, but when you go from almost no workouts to some, it seems like a big jump. I'm hoping to start tomorrow, I...
I'm going to give the Azinger program a try this year. For $.99 it seems like a great deal!
I'm testing a midsize on my driver, don't know if it'll stick around that long, but i love oversize grips on my putter, I even have them add more tape underneath to make it even bigger!
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