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He won our state am last year and has pretty good mechanics... I think he should have spent a few years in college though. But yea, he sure can hit it a ways.
Well done! Now you have to go for the Albatross.
Yea and DL III was on my fantasy team for this week too.
Boy the opening round has been disastrous for my fantasy team... my best scores are for Stenson at Even par. Tiger has a lot of ground to make up being 8 shots back, but you can lose shots on this course as fast as you can make them up... so hopefully it will even out tomorrow.
I hit my 6 iron 180 give or take 5 yards based on conditions.
I wear the adidas university in black with white stripes. I have really wide (Quack Quack) feet and these fit the best and were relatively inexpensive as far as golf shoes go. I have been eyeing those ecco shoes above though... They sure do look nice.
Never played Sawgrass, but have played other island greens and they definately mess with your mind. I don't agree with Tiger that it would be a good # 8 hole... Just as jorrus mentioned, it is a good mental challenge at a time when you need it most... coming down to the wire with the tournament on the line.
Yea... I got rid of it. Couldn't hit it as far as my Dual Point. My brother sure does like it though.
I haven't even changed my team for the last 2-3 weeks... I guess I should start paying attention more huh? No Messin w/my Sasquatch...
With a 2 handicap, you probably don't miss too many shots... I can't say don't take it too seriously, especially if you are trying to take your game to the next level, but part of that, in my mind, would be controlling your emotions. Think of a key-word, "a happy place" or something that gives you pause, and allows you to cool off. I am a cool customer on the links... it is at home with my kids that I find my temper the shortest (and that is when I need to control it the...
New Posts  All Forums: