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Anyone tested or gamed the vr nike pro combo ??? i hit them in a simulator and that muscle back 8 iron felt NICE!
wow - im thinking about going to 44.5 from my 46
Preference is important for confidence thats all im sayin...
I too am at 45.75 right now.  About to go down to 44.5 and add weight (rat glue) inside the clubhead to get the swingweight back...  OR I will keep this driver, buy a new one at 44.5 and try both!
Trying to decide between 910 D3 and R11.  Anyone have any info on which one spins less?  I've heard arguments both ways...
i have been fit for a shaft before so i was thinking from now on just using that same shaft in other clubheads if i buy a new driver.  I mean do i HAVE TO get fit for a clubhead???  What if I really like a certain clubhead like the 910 d3 or the R11?  Cant i make it work with a shaft? 
love my i15s but as i get better - they are beginning to feel a little bulky for me. i think i wanna try the nike vr pro combo - SWEET!!!
Got fitted for a Ping i15 *8 with Project X 6.5 and gained 30 yards - its a beast
Golf Galaxy opens at midnight tonight - first 10 people get $50 gift card - im going just to get that.
I just like the tour issue s400 shafts with that band around them 
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