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I am sure some of you already know this but Dick's Sporting Goods is selling last year's Z-Stars & Z Star Yellows for 24.99 a dz.   Just piked up 8 dz. Should be set for the year
I have the 910 D3 with the RIP shaft. Love it!!! First Titleist driver I have hit well and liked the feel of since the 905. I previously gamed the TM Supertri. when I decided I wanted to get a new driver, I hit everything, and I mean everything in my search. The 910 D3 won out.      I really like the look at address with the D3. Interestingly, my numbers were pretty similar with the D2 head with the same shaft but liked the look and feel of the D3. Spin numbers...
I was in the same boat at the beginning of last year. I went with a laser rangefinder, a Bushnell 1500 and I LOVE IT!!! What a valuable tool to have. I wouldn't say that it has taken a ton of strokes of my game but I would say that my handicap index has benefited from this purchase. My buddies gave me crap the first few rounds we played together after I purchased it, now they are constantly asking me for yardages.    If you do go with a GPS or rangefinder you can...
Like others have have posted, the ap2's are a SICK set of irons!!! I game them and LOVE them. I like that you can work the ball with them and still have plenty of forgiveness on less then perfect hits. I classify them as a forgiving players iron.   If I were in your shoes, i would go with what feels best. Don't get caught up in the distance thing. Of course the Taylormade 6 iron will go further. the shaft is longer and the loft is stronger. If you wanted to get a...
The Adams Super Black hybrid is worth a look. I like those and the titleist 909h. The super black is really long long, so you would want to hit first. I would bet the 21 degree would be best. I replace my 3 wood with the 15 degree and bag another in 19 degree. Super happy with them.
R9 3 wood and a lamkin crossline grip for it. 
Love the e6!!! Great ball for the money.
I went through a similar experience. I recently bought a Adams Black Super hybrid in 15 degrees of loft to replace my 3 wood. I hit it about 10 yards shorter then the 3 wood but much much straighter. 3 wood was 255-260ish, 15 degree was 245   Actually, I hit this club so well I decided to get another one to replace my 3 iron. I was able to get on a launch monitor with the 17 & 19 degree to compare them to the 15 degree. The 17 was only 9.4 yards shorter on average...
Sure does. Can't wait till spring to break out the sticks again
Just wanted to share my experience with Nailed-It-Golf.   Ordered the Titleist hybrid bag awhile back. Could not be happier with my order. Came quickly and was exactly what it was described to be. Will order again for sure
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