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I hope this means the return of the independent golf shop.
We used to have two small independent golf shops in our town, and every time I went in, it was like going to Cheers.I knew all the guys, and they knew me and my game. I used to go there to hang out on a rainy or winter day. Along comes GG and Dick's, and those stores go away. I wish those guys luck, but that's business.
I wish the Brandel era was over.
When I think about a "down to earth Southern man", I think of a guy like Boo. Sometimes, Bubba comes off as ill mannered and mean spirited. I really don't think sophistication has anything to do with one's nature. I have lived in the south 49 of my 60 years, and I believe, the "Southern man"that Bubba represents is called a redneck.
The way things on the course bother Bubba, he seems like Monty with a southern accent. He also seems proud of his ignorance in certain situations. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the folks at UGa cringe when Bubba claims to be a proud alumni. I think most people like to watch Bubba play, and they want to like him, but quite often when he opens his mouth, he makes it impossible.
I would have let them play through even if the net results would have been simply trading places. I would rather have guys like that in front of me rather than behind me. Another option would have been to call the pro shop, and let the staff handle the situation. After seeing the thread about concealed carry, I believe I would avoid confronting guys stupid enough to hit into you multiple times.
My son and I saw a baby deer the other day. It came out of the woods to get a drink in the creek, and ran off when it spotted us.
Mabye bulk was not the right word, but Tiger has added a lot of muscle. I have seen Tiger in person, and I did not think he looked normal. I thought he looked extremely strong fit much like a wide receiver. I just wonder if he is as obsessive about his work out as his golf swing. I wonder if fine tuning becomes over tuning. Also, I lived near Ft. Bragg, and I never saw anyone running in combat boots. All the pt I saw was in running shoes.
Some have speculated that the injuries have been caused by his work out regime. Haney seemed to think some of his knee issues were the result of time he spent with Army Rangers at Ft. Bragg, and running in combat boots rather than proper running shoes. There is no question that Tiger increased his bulk in his upper, and it is possible he has had to modify his swing to accomodate his increased size rather than to avoid injury. Regardless of the changes, he did win 5 times...
Must have been a bunch of Canadian hockey players.
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