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Made a 40 minute drive from Winston-Salem to Greensboro to go Golf USA only to find it was closed. As far as I know, it was the last small golf shop in the area that had a decent selection. There are some smaller shops, but they specialize in repairs and custom clubs. All we have now is golf galaxy,Dick's, and Golfsmith. I feel like those stores employ retail sales people, and the smaller stores had real "golf" people. I really miss the small local golf shop, but they seem...
Pursue your dream! Mabye you will end up living in pipes, and get your own "reality"show on the golf channel.
Is he no longer endorsing True shoes?
They look Xtremely ugly. Look like they were put together by a high school science class. But, if they perform, the ugly duckling will turn into a swan.
If I carry them again, I'm going to put an old headcover on them. When I called Ping, the customer service rep said he scratched his driver the same way.
The scratches are not too bad, and have no affect on playability. I just don't like looking at them, and they will affect trade in or resale value when I do get a new driver. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any self fixes.
Recently I was playing with alingnment sticks in my bag. Somehow they got up inside the headcover of my G20 driver and scratched the crown. Is there any way to repair the scratches without futher damaging the driver? Ping will refinish the driver for $65, but I would rather put that towards a new driver rather than fixing an old one. Thanks.
Mabye Sam is striking the next blow for Scottish independence.
Just got G30 irons with graphite shafts to help arthritis. So far,I can play, and hit balls without bothering my hands. I have been hitting them straight, but distance is a bit inconsistent. The short irons seem to be the biggest adjustment. So far, so good, but it will be hard to get true results until the warm spring weather.
I read of a story of an eighty year old man getting his arm bitten off while trying to get a ball at Fripp Island,SC. If I am near the coast in the south east, I am taking a drop, and not even looking for my ball. Also, I would imagine it was a long trip to the hospital. Fripp is a pretty good ride from Beaufort.
New Posts  All Forums: