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I am 60 years old, and I love golf. If I could still play baseball, I would give up golf in a heartbeat.
One poster mentioned Wilmington,NC. There is a community called Landfall that has a Nicklaus and a Pete Dye course.It is very close to Wrightsville Beach which is a very nice beach with some good restaurants. Wilmington is nice city. It is like a mini Charleston.
Are they all over the place in Florida, or just the coastal areas? I know they are in the coastal areas of the Carolinas, but I don't know about Florida. Thanks
Dennis Paulson said that the field at Doral had twenty guys that could have won. He said that the course heavily favored long hitters, and guys like Snedeker had very little chance. That seems to fit with Trump's profile. He likes big. Mabye if this wasn't a no cut event, some shorter hitters would skip this event, but it is a no risk pay day. These guys always say they are independent contractors, so, if they don't like a course, don't play. Like it or not, a long,...
If I were the owner of a small golf shop I wouldn't stock shoes that were not well known. The whole idea of operating a retail store is moving inventory, and, while Trues are probably nice shoes, their sales are tiny compared to FootJoy, Nike, Addidas,ect.
I bought two pair. I've always used FootJoy, but the Nikes are as comfortable as any shoe I've ever worn. Enjoy.
Lately, I have been playing so poorly,I feel like I am sinning!
Made a 40 minute drive from Winston-Salem to Greensboro to go Golf USA only to find it was closed. As far as I know, it was the last small golf shop in the area that had a decent selection. There are some smaller shops, but they specialize in repairs and custom clubs. All we have now is golf galaxy,Dick's, and Golfsmith. I feel like those stores employ retail sales people, and the smaller stores had real "golf" people. I really miss the small local golf shop, but they seem...
Pursue your dream! Mabye you will end up living in pipes, and get your own "reality"show on the golf channel.
Is he no longer endorsing True shoes?
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