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I wish I hadn't watched.
Baseball & hockey
Have the turbulotors increased your swing speed? If so, how much? Also,how much distance do you gain for each mph you increase?
If you look down your nose at anything anyone else does to enjoy the game. Mind your own business.
I have heard that in the Sandbelt region of Australia, players go right across the greens with their walking carts.
I sure wouldn't want to be in a fox hole with Phil!
I am a die hard, life long Red Sox fan and Yankee hater, but if I were in the Stadium tonight, I would be proud to wear a Yankees hat and #2 jersey. In these days when a lot of athletes are getting press for all the wrong reasons, Jeter has always stood out for doing things the right way.Possibly the classiest guy in all sports.
I used to play at Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and on one windy day, I hit a seven Iron for my second shot into a 500 yard par 5. The next hole was a 400 yard par four, running the opposite direction, and I hit driver, 3 wood, pitching wedge.
#37-Reading Golf Digest
I had mine out just over a year ago. It was very infected, almost gangrenous. I spent three nights in the hospital on IV antibiotics. One week after surgery, I walked 3 miles with my wife and dog. My follow up with the surgeon was just a bit over two weeks following the surgery, and I played nine holes the next day. I was 59 at the time, and I was in fairly good shape, but it took awhile to get my stamina back. Do exactly what the doc tells you, and you should be fine.
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