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Played with my son, so it couldn't have been better.
Daly's first captain's pick would be Anthony Kim so he would have someone to drink with. Daly seems like a decent guy, but I can't think of anyone in any sport, with the exception of Len Bias, that wasted more talent.
Sounds like the "process" might be done.
I see a previous post of mine was quoted by another poster. I stand by my comments. If that gets me banned or singled out,tough!
Thanks for pointing me out. I haven't posted anything in more than two weeks, and it was a lot less inflammatory than most.
I would be happier setting my money on fire. Thanks for the good laugh.
I've seen some bad reactions while playing, and heard him say some less than flattering things while overseas, but bigotry?
Has zero effect on my life. Who cares.
What is this from? I just read that Trump said that the flag should be removed from the SC capital grounds. This appeared on the CBS News website June 23. I don't like Trump, but it is hard to believe his views would be so radically different in such a short period.
So, it's ok t offend a big section of the population as long as they are black? Let's bring back segregation, Amos n Andy, minstrel shows I'm sure that wouldn't be offensive to a lot of people. This flag might represent heritage to some, but it represents the heritage of people owning other people to some people, as well. If black people say this flag represents racism, then, it does. I have never been a big Bubba fan, but now I am.
New Posts  All Forums: