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Mabye Sam is striking the next blow for Scottish independence.
Just got G30 irons with graphite shafts to help arthritis. So far,I can play, and hit balls without bothering my hands. I have been hitting them straight, but distance is a bit inconsistent. The short irons seem to be the biggest adjustment. So far, so good, but it will be hard to get true results until the warm spring weather.
I read of a story of an eighty year old man getting his arm bitten off while trying to get a ball at Fripp Island,SC. If I am near the coast in the south east, I am taking a drop, and not even looking for my ball. Also, I would imagine it was a long trip to the hospital. Fripp is a pretty good ride from Beaufort.
It's a conspiracy!
I used to be a member at a private club, and got into a discussion about dress codes, and their importance, with another member. I told him about playing with the club VP the previous week. The VP displayed a bad temper, and very little etiquette towards the rest of the group, but he was well dressed. I told the other member that I would rather play with a good guy wearing bib overalls than a well dressed jerk. The other guy got so mad he wouldn't shake my hand at the end...
We have water on 13 of 18 holes, deep, poorly constructed greenside bunkers, several hundred yards between greens and tees, and people playing from tees they have no buisness playing from. There are a ton of reasons for slow play.
You must have been reading my mind! I have always thought Jenkins was snarky, and felt superior to everyone because he knew Hogan. I think he is one of these old geezers that believe everything old is better than anything new.
Thanks for directing me to your review. I went to the range today, and asked the pro to watch me hit some. I was worried I was hitting them too high, but he said they were not ballooning, and had good carry. Based on that, I am going to get with him this week to get properly fit. Thanks, I knew I would get good advice here.
I have been thinking about new irons with graphite shafts. I have hit the Ping G30 with fairly good results. I am also thinking about the 724 AP1s, but have not tried them yet. Has anbody here compared these irons, and what are your recommendations? Thanks.
I am considering new irons with graphite shafts, but really don't want to pay for upgraded shafts. Which company has the best stock graphite shafts? I have hit the G30, and I kind of like them, but I would appreciate some other recommendations.Thanks.
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