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The Masters and Hilton Head are my two favorite consecutive weeks on tour.
Lightning. If I can hear thunder, I'm gone.
Reed looks like he might drop to #6.
The live feed on my tablet is not working. Does anybody have any fixes?
Shrimp and grits. Key lime pie, and sweet tea.
I never had a problem with the legs, but I did have a problem with the grips getting hung up un the bottom of the dividers. I got tired of fighting with my bag to get my clubs out, and I switched to a Sun Mountain 3.5. I really liked the Hoofer, and would not hesitate to get another if they make the dividers longer. Also, I liked the old color choices. I liked the solid navy or green.
I think that since the magazine is called Golf Digest, they should have put a golfer on the cover in order to promote golf fitness.
I just recieved my True Linkswear PHX today, and they are going right back. They might be comfy, but they are as ugly as a mud fence. I hate they look like they do, because they feel good. I am not a slave to fashion, but I have kind of narrow feet, and these look like clown shoes.
The Tour needs to enforce the rules, and start handing out penalty strokes.I don't think it should be up to the players.
I feel about the same as you do. If I'm not having fun, I won't play. I recognize that I will play bad golf, so the occasional bad round doesn't bother me. A guy once told me"if you don't want to play bad, don't play". About the only thing that bothers me is slow play.
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