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Every two years in the fall, I wish Poulter was American.
Your socks should match.
Zero. Can't find them.
I would bet the Masters has some of the cheapest beer prices on tour, yet you don't hear fans yelling stupid thngs. They seem to encourage good behavior, and have little tolerance of bad behavior. The beer will make some people act like idiots, but the Masters is an example of a tournament where people drink, and don't get out of hand.
I wouldn't use it, but I would use the golf bike that was posted in another part of the forum.
I haven't been to a tournament for a long time, so I don't know if there is a system in place, but they should give bracelets to designate fans of legal age. After establishing their legality, give them up to 3 tickets that they must turn in when buying an alcholic beverage. No ticket = no drink. Controlling the ammount of alchol consumed will lead to better behavior.
Didn't watch much of either. Watched Senior PGA.
Dan Jenkins is a cranky old geezer that still hasn't gotten over Hogan retiring.
I am talking about a new putter such as Edel or some other custom fit/built putter.
I've got a few questions about custom fit vs. off the rack putters. Was there a significant long term improvement in your putting? Was the improvement due to the putter, or improved aim, mechanics,ect. pointed out by the fitter? Was the new putter significantly different from your previous model? Was the cost of fitting, and the custom made putter worth it? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: