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What is this from? I just read that Trump said that the flag should be removed from the SC capital grounds. This appeared on the CBS News website June 23. I don't like Trump, but it is hard to believe his views would be so radically different in such a short period.
So, it's ok t offend a big section of the population as long as they are black? Let's bring back segregation, Amos n Andy, minstrel shows I'm sure that wouldn't be offensive to a lot of people. This flag might represent heritage to some, but it represents the heritage of people owning other people to some people, as well. If black people say this flag represents racism, then, it does. I have never been a big Bubba fan, but now I am.
What's wrong with the greens? They are actually green, and rolling smoothly.
I play 9 holes almost every day. Occasionally I'll get talking, and forget, but I intend to enter every score.
He was killing that driver all week. Scotty might not be giving him putters anymore.
I called my son into the room and said, "Look it's Ralphie all grown up"
It looks like if someone dropped a cigar the whole place could go up.
The pros can say what they want, but it is fair. They all have to play the same goat track.
Mabye he just knows a good cow pasture when he sees one.
Looks like a waste of a perfectly good sand pit.
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