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I had mine out just over a year ago. It was very infected, almost gangrenous. I spent three nights in the hospital on IV antibiotics. One week after surgery, I walked 3 miles with my wife and dog. My follow up with the surgeon was just a bit over two weeks following the surgery, and I played nine holes the next day. I was 59 at the time, and I was in fairly good shape, but it took awhile to get my stamina back. Do exactly what the doc tells you, and you should be fine.
I don't replace my gear often, so I really don't care what the companies do. If I find something that works, I stick with it.
You don't think this is a sad outcome? People that go to have a fun day at the course shouldn't have to worry about dying because the guy driving the cart is a knucklehead.
I lived in Charlotte when Hurricane Hugo came through in 89. There were a couple people killed when the tree or big limb sprung back and hit them after cutting. Yuo really need to know what you are doing when using power equipment.
How would you feel if your cart driving caused the death of your playing partner. I know "we all gotta go sometime", and you don't mind dying doing something you love, but most people would not have such a so what attitude over such a preventible tragic accident.
I was a member of a private club, and I quit to join a semi private club. The private club had some big financial problems, yet they acted like the members should feel lucky to play the course. They did allow a small number of outside tee times, but the pro called the non members "riff raff". I told him he should treat everyone that walked in like a new member. The semi private club is a lot more relaxed. There is no pool, tennis courts, or food requirements. The pro and...
I worked at a course in Fayetteville NC, and we had a cart path with a long down hill and a curve at the bottom. We just replaced the fleet of carts, and a guy tried to see how fast he could take the curve. He tipped the cart, and returned it with the frame that held the roof all bent. With the exception of a few scratches, he was not injured. On a different hole, I did a 360 going down a wet fairway at moderate speed. I wasn't going too fast, but I stepped lightly on the...
The Stanley Cup playoffs last for about six weeks after an 82 game schedule. The playoff games are usually every other day or every third day to allow for travel. In the finals, that could include cross country travel. A couple years ago Patrice Bergeron played with a punctured lung. When asked why he always hustled, Joe Di Maggio said that there might be someone at the game that never saw him play. I don't have much sympathy for some prima donnas that claim to be tired....
I think I would rather have a pro putting for me.
I would either drop out of the league, and limit playing with your dad to casual rounds, or decline the nomination to be an officer. Let someone else say something. There is no way I would risk the relationship over creative score keeping. Family is more important than golf.
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