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I use a Samsung Note 2. I think all the newer Samsung Galaxy phone can do 1/8 speed (30*8=240). You do drop quite a bit in resolution at 1/8 but for golf I've found it fine. I have started to use 1/4 (120fps) more often now as I don't find I'm really getting any benefit from 240fps over 120 as I'm really looking at my body movements, and I'm not as concerned about my club head.  Here is an example at 120fps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18fhswgiPjw
I had a hit of the 6i at a demo day a few days ago and was really impressed. It is one of the bigger blades I've seen heal to toe, similar size to me MP-53s, and was a lot more forgiving than I expected. I didn't hit too far from the middle, but enough that I thought I would have seen a significant performance drop, but I really didn't. Very nice clubs.
Yeah, I always use my phone's camera when working on my swing. It will do 240fps which really helps. I'm trying to now work out if I can somehow come up with a way to automatically replay each swing after I hit, it really breaks my rhythm when I have to stop and check the video after each one.
Last winter (I'm in Australia, so from June to August) I did a fair bit of work hitting into a net. By the end of winter I was hitting the ball really well contact wise in the net, and was really excited to get out and play on the course. To my horror though I was hitting everything about 30m left of target with my irons. I hadn't made any huge changes to my swing it was mainly just that I was overly closing the club face at impact. It then took me 3 months of hard...
For me I get a good mental vision taking the flag out. It really makes me thing about holing the putt or chip, when its in I tend to be thinking about just getting it close.
Thanks guys. Casting is something I used to work on, but at the moment I've given up trying to make any changes in that area, I think I have other issues causing me more problems.   IACAS, what you're saying there is exactly what I'm attempting to work on at the moment. I used to have a massive issue with excessive lateral hip movement in my swing, and I think in trying to fix that I've totally locked my hip rotation on the back swing. It's know become a habit that is...
Hi All, Over the last few weeks I've been doing some work on my game. For a couple of weeks I was pureing the ball, but pulling everything way way way left with my irons. I got a tip from a mate who noticed that I had ball way forward in my stance with my irons (PW was level with the inside of my left foot,and long irons on the outside of the left foot). I've played a couple of rounds since and have been playing much better (2 over and 3 over rounds). Anyway here is a FO...
What do you mean by p6?
Thanks, I'm going to do some work on that for the next few weeks and then I'll post again
Thanks for the reply. I think my biggest issue at the moment is ball striking consistency, mainly hitting it thin. I think that is due to not hitting down on the ball enough, but I'm not really show how to improve on that.  From looking at the video myself, I think the biggest issue I have is early extension, which is something I will investigate how to improve. What else do you see as major issues. Cheers
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