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New restraunt, wow, that wasn't there before. I would've thought they would have built a permanent pro shop before that. To me it shows the course is doable, money wise, if they build it out within a few years. Otherwise I tend to to think " is this club going to make it". Similar to the Golf Club of Kansas 5-7 years ago when they opened they were selling cheap private memberships to the first 500 who joined and huge drawing of the facilities on the website,Etc. I come...
"Stone Canyon....it opened in 2009 so you might have missed it.  .....and yes, I hate winters too!! " Ah yes, I've played it twice now when I come to KC to play with my old golf buddies. Last year in September the fairways were very wet and bad. Not sure what happened. This year before when I was up it was perfect. I also like Winterstone golf on that side of town on the public side. Sycamore Ridge is my favorite on the Kansas side along with the golf club of Kansas.
La Gloria Cubana R7
I play daily and 36 twice week (30) rounds a month or so. I'd say 90% are at my club while the others at different tracks that we play inter club matches.  I'll go play wherever one wants to play but I have not ever got bored playing my home course at all. Great/hard track.   My home course is where they filmed Tin Cup movie. Anyone guess the name?
What is your "home course" in KC area?  I used to live there  till about 5 years ago and moved to Houston. don't miss the Winters!
I agree with David in FL, range time on the course.  I couldn't play golf without keeping score even if I tried. Mentally I'd know the I'm "2 over after 5 and need to par out on the side to keep this round going". Funny, I like the " why don't you just putt the gimmes if your not really keeping score?"
My Lexus 460GX is my big Texas golf taxi. It can hold all the gear but you get there in style and comfort
Caledonia is my all time favorite course in MB! Played TPC just a couple of months ago and it was nice, haven't played the other two you listed but I'm concerned your "only" playing four courses?? Hopefully your playing each of them twice?
Ok, I get it you don't need a HC cause you don't bet or gamble. Hard for me to believe a guy doesn't want to know if he's getting better or worse with his game. Without a benchmark you have no idea if your game is progressing or in remiss. Without a HC you are just guessing You might as well subscribe to something like " no child left behind". Let's not tell Johnny he's not cutting the grade, let's just say he's trying and pass him. It's okay, he wanted to do well so...
Really I not but not having to go to work is really great. My day is simple, get up and see my wife off to work then read the paper, do any honeys do's that need to be done. Go to the course at 10:30 and finish by 3:30. Head home to get diner started and have wine out for my honey when she gets home. Go to bed and get up and repeat daily! Doesn't get any better!
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