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At my club here in Kingwood, Tx. We have a stated time of 4:15 printed on the scorecards. Even on the weekends between 7:30-11am the is never anyone close to 4:15. At the busiest time 4 hours would be a max. Anyone taking longer than that would be visited quickly and ask to move up to the proper position on the course. We are lucky in that we only have about 250 golfing members here so pace of play is never an issue
Ok, I'm in
I answered 5 but in real life I play everyday and get in 330-350 rounds per year. I've done this for 5 years now since I retired and haven't got bored yet. (I'm 62). I don't have any other hobbies to take me away. 1-2 times a week I'll play 36 holes while walking the first and riding the second round. I walk till it gets over 85 temp which works out about 60/40 walk/ ride. I don't think walking is a workout at all but it is good, easy exercise. Typical 18 holes is about...
Yes, being retired has its advantages. I play daily. 350-365 per year. I make up for the rain days by doing 36 once or twice a week. Doesn't hurt that I met my wife on a golf course. She still works so on the weekends its couples golf! Life is good!
The problem with this scenario is it doesn't take into consideration the many golfers who don't partake in competitions but only play with there buddies or on the weekends. I personally like the folks who do it right and just record all scores played, that way it is what is and the golfer will know when he is improving.
I disagree that it isn't a big deal. F or me I'm 6'5" and have my clubs 2 upright. If I didn't the toe is going to dig in the ground. It is a big deal but make sure you have a club fitter who has the right equipment to bend them. Most will tell you if they're not forged that they will not be responsible for breakage which can happen.
I agree, it's better to turn a round to the better than start off on fire and leak oil to the end. Last week I shoot 37 on the front and couldn't miss and finish the last five holes in 6 over to finish at 80. Very depressing
 I feel the same way. If i start off with a double bogey I'm thinking "ok, i can make this up with a couple birds on the front side." I probably shouldn't think this way but as a 7.8 HC it makes it hard to right a round and be in the 70's with a couple doubles. High HC's aren't wired that way, they're goal is to make 3-4 pars and they've played well that day.
I took Dave in Fl advice almost 5 years ago and moved from KC to Houston. After the move I retired! I have post over three hundred rounds each year since I moved here with last year being the best at 341. Even got written up in the Texas golf assoc magazine for the most posted rounds in the state of Texas. This may sound like a lot for your guys but remember, I retired, I do not have any other hobbies, my wife plays with me on the weekends ( she still works:) ), plus I...
My bad, didn't understand. He must have some pull or pics of someone! To get on tv for golf!
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