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Funny that i found this thread as i have had the exact same issues with my new Pure Grips. I don't wear gloves when playing and was absolutley dissapointed when I first played these. Hot and humid in Houston of course and these slipped the first time i tried them. I tried wiping down before each swing to no avail. I know use the "Tommy Two Glove" approach with rain gloves and it is fine. I played two rounds with them and then took them off and went back to Golfpride half...
New 13 set of mid-size PURE GRIPS. Include solvent and double sided tape
I should just put 7- to 8.5 for mine as I tend to never break out of this range:(
I find it tough to do multiple 36's during the heat of the Summer here in Houston although I do it at least once a week. So my question to to you is how many rounds a year do you play?
I tend to play better at courses other than my home track. The only trick is on the greens for me. I think the reason is my home track is very tight and if your not hitting fairways bogey is a good score. I find my HC travels well to other courses
 So if your out practicing playing 18 holes how do you practice "not really trying hard". Seem like you would want to try to be good when you practice.  Also do you look at your last (20th round) before playing and see if a low score is going to fall off? If you've got a big swing in scores it will move your trend but it is what it is.
And how often do you just play practice rounds ?  So which "practice" round do you decide to post? Only the ones you did well? Just how do you decide if your keeping score on these "practice" rounds? On the first tee?
I agree that people who play often have a better representation of their handicap and are less likely to manipulate. I play 300+ rounds a year and post the good, bad, and ugly. Guess what, my HC doesn't fluctuate more than 2 strokes. So the system works
Sounds like practice to me and not a round of golf if hitting the same shot over and over. Night golf with glow balls is a event, hit and giggles. If you want to declare a practice round and work on stuff, do so, but when it becomes a practice round when you decide your not playing well that's another story. If you have any quality of a HC committee and do this more than 1-2 month your going to get called on it.
So let me get this straight, only post scores where it's "real" golf? What about when your playing a round and it starts raining? It gets wet and maybe soft around greens and in the fairway. You chunk some chips, hit some fat due to the conditions which causes a higher score. When you post GHIN doesn't ask you if it was wet or windy, etc. this all means it's golf. Take the good and the bad, post it. It will give you your true ability to play the game. Your true potential
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