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Thanks! Your breaking my heart man!! kidding. yea chances are that it probably didn't crack the pin. I just thought it was a little crazy that where the ball hit it was cracked.    
First hole in one 7/12/2011   Crooked Tree Golf Course Mason, Oh #15 from the tips playing 165 hit a 9 iron   Here's the crazy thing... Nothing but cup and actually cracked the bottom of the pin. It was so loud when it hit!   We were actually taking pictures of the swings on the hole, too bad it wasn't a video!      
i also hear nail polish works really well. Where can you get testors model paint?!
Anyone ever painted the lettering on your clubs and filled the numbers? I recently tried some enamel paint that said it would work on metal but not so much. Anyone have any tips? What to buy?   Thanks
I went yesterday for the first round.. Followed dustin johnson an couples, couples kept talking about how much his hands were bothering him. Man can dustin johnson bomb it. Just watching how far he was outdriving couples and Stadler was amazing.
Thanks for the Feedback.   We are actually going to Cape San Blas so thats definitely the closest course to us. We are planning on playing there like 3 times then going to play The Jack Nicklaus Course Bay Point Resort. For St. James we have a handful of bogo deals. More of a family trip and just sneaking away a few times to get a few rounds in. Thanks again. What did you like about the course>
Anyone ever played here?! Going on vacation shortly and just wondering how that course is.
So i got a 3h at the beginning of the season for the sole reason to go for par 5's in 2. I got a Adams A7os Stiff shaft thinking i would hit as long as i hit my 3 iron. Now i hit my 3 iron 250. After getting used to my 3h i somehow hit it 270. ill put it as far as peoples drives. So pretty much it has become my safe play off the tee. I really have total confidence in that club now but it took awhile to figure out how to swing it..
I feel like im the same way.. Ill go the front 9 and shoot a 2 over par, but then play the back and shoot 6-8 over. Like i was mcilroy choking under pressure. What ive honestly that found out that has helped me alot is working on putting. Another thing think about the courses you play. Think about how many holes you really need to pull the driver out. Now im a long driver, when i hit my driver straight atleast 295+. Now thats 50% of the time it goes in the fairway. So...
New Posts  All Forums: