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Wow after looking at all your stats it make me seem so short.   i hit the ball so high it just does not go long.   Driver-240 - 250 3 wood-210 -215 2 Hybrid 180-190 4 Hybrid-165-170 5 iron-155 6 iron-140 7 iron-130 8 iron-120 9 iron-110 PW-90 GW-75 SW- 60 LW- 30
just wanted to say hi from Central Ca.   great fourm and lots of great info. I have been lurking for some time but now im going to be more active so  ithought I would join.   thanks
Before you buy hit some Mizuno's I tried them and loved them. JPX 800 or the MX 200 are great. Very quality golf club.
  Well I just purchased a set of JPX 800 and I love them. I had a set of V3 Adams forged and took them back and exchanged them for the Mizuno’s. What a great decision that was. I have never been a Mizuno guy but have heard good things about them. After playing them for about 10 rounds I can say they are great. Love the way they feel and look.   My son that started playing Golf this past summer loved them also so  he decided to get a set of Mizuno’s as well. We...
    I have played both the orange and yellow, ive played the yellow about 20 rounds. I think it plays better then the white. I don’t know why but it just seems softer and flies better. I asked Bridgestone if this was possible and he said its the same ball with some color added.   I just started playing the Orange and it seems the same as the white. Call me crazy but the yellow plays better for me.   Also I have played one ball for three rounds just to see how long I...
I currently have a Taylormade r7 ST 3 wood and a big bertha DDS Diablo 4 hybird I purchased used when I took up playing again about 8 months ago. Since then I have purchased a new set of irons Mizuno JPX 800 and a Calloway tour FT iZ driver I was fitted for both of those purchases. After getting the new driver I started shooting scores in the high 70’s for the first time in my life, I’m wondering if its time to change out my older 3 wood and hybird. I’m not a...
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